Specialising in providing harder to find seed, clones and plants for genera including Acacia, Desmanthus, Lophophora, Mimosa, Papaver, Phalaris, Psychotria, Salvia and Trichocereus, Arkham’s Botanical Limited is a comprehensive “one-stop” source for all of your ornamental, exotic, ethnobotanical and horticultural needs. Over 350 listings and counting – shipped around the globe!

We’re proud that our high-quality plants are grown ethically and organically with love – in Spain and the UK – and that our seed is freshly-sourced and genuine. We also offer the widest selection of Trichocereus hybrid seeds in Europe and the largest Lophophora seed selection in the United Kingdom!
We’re pleased to provide quality seed for many other cacti and plants too, as well as an array of botanicals and herbal material. These include Mimosa hostilis root bark, Banisteriopsis caapi vine and leaves, Diplopterys cabrerana leaves, dried Nymphaea caerulea, Virola calophylla resin and much more.

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With loads of UK & EU exclusives, plus more species added all the time, we’ve got it covered!

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