01/01/20 – Happy New Year – January Sale starts now!

Hi everyone,

😀 Happy New Year to all our customers and other friends! Hopefully, you’ve all been enjoying a well-earned festive break and are out celebrating the turn of the decade as we write this post…

Our January sale is now on!

Our annual January sale is now on, so we thought this time we’d offer a stonking FIFTEEN PERCENT off EVERYTHING which is currently available in our shop (except existing Bundle offers). A great chance to grab a horticultural bargain, should you be so inclined! This site-wide special offer ends at midnight (GMT) on the 15 January, so order now if you want to save a few quid on our wide selection of botanical products…

Plus, bag a further discount dependent on payment method:

  • Extra 5% off for UK bank transfer (direct payment)
  • Extra 2.5% off for Pound sterling cash or cheque
  • Spend £100 or more (not including shipping) and we’ll also throw in a special bonus, worth at least £10!

Sale promotion aside, we’d like to take this opportunity to say a big 🙂 THANK YOU 🙂 to all who’ve supported us over the past year – we wish you and yours nothing but good things for the coming year (it’s 2020 already!) – and beyond!

All the best,
Arkham’s Botanical

Latest Shop Additions/Re-stocked

Botanicals: Nymphaea caerulea | Verbascum thapsus

Seeds: Acacia acuminata ‘Narrow Phyllodes’ | Agave americana | Aloe Lucky Dip (Mixed Hybrids) | Aloe Lucky Dip (Mixed Species) | Psychotria viridis ‘Ecuador’

Pictures from our Grow Room

As promised in our most recent post, here’s a few quick pictures of some seedlings we started last month, all (except the Salvia) grown from the seed which we currently list in the shop.

Acacia confusa, or ‘Formosan Koa’.
Acacia obtusifolia, the ‘Blunt Leaf Wattle’.
The wonderful ‘Prairie Bundleflower’, Desmanthus leptolobus.
Recently rooted Salvia divinorum cuttings!
Bonus Acacia obtusifolia shot – featuring the gorgeous Calipso!