Mimosa hostilis | 'Jurema'

02/11/18 – Mimosa hostilis (‘Jurema’) – baby seedling pictures

Hi everyone,

We just took these pictures of one of our infant Mimosa hostilis (‘Jurema’) plants and thought we’d share them with you. It took a few attempts to successfully germinate the seed and get it past the seedling stage, but we got there in the end!

As it happens, we’re hoping to start stocking some extremely fresh hostilis seed in the shop soon, obtained directly from one of our growers from his 2018 harvest – assuring great viability and correct identification (both of which can be sorely hit-and-miss when trying to obtain reliable supplies on the open market)…

Anyway, we hope you enjoy these snapshots of a very beautiful plant indeed. It’s particularly wonderful to see how she ‘gets ready for bed’ by closing down her leaves each night (scroll to the bottom of this page), amazing!


Mimosa hostilis | 'Jurema' Mimosa hostilis | 'Jurema' Mimosa hostilis | 'Jurema' Mimosa hostilis plant folded up for the night