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05/08/19 – Latest stock in our shop…

Hey guys, girls and everyone in between!

There’s lots going on this month (as always), so we’ll try to keep this as a relatively succinct update on the site and shop…

First things first: For tedious logistical reasons, we’ve decided to temporarily suspend selling some of our botanical products, after which they will no longer be available until further notice. These items include several varieties of Banisteriopsis caapi leaves and vine, Banisteriopsis muricata vine, Calea zacatechichi leaf, Diplopterys cabrerana leaf and Psychotria viridis leaf. All were freshly and ethically sourced in spring and summer 2019 and you’ve got until 31 August to save a stonking 20% off of our usual prices! Check the new Clearance section for more details.

Speaking of special offers, we’ve recently updated some of ours, so you can now receive up to 15% discount when you order fifteen of or more packets of any seeds, save 5% on your total order by paying with a UK bank account and save a further 5% when you order one of our pre-order products. Not bad! You can find out more about our current special offers on this page.

We’ve also managed to obtain an extremely limited quantity of Lophophora williamsii ‘Big Bend’ seed (recently exterminated in the wild), which we’re selling at a premium to raise funds for the marvellous Cactus Conservation Institute. The CCI are also one of the two charities which we’re currently supporting via both a monthly donation and by matching our customer’s donations too (click the relevant add-on when adding a product to your basket).

Other than that, we’ve added various guides and other plant-related info to the Cultivation and Info sections, including how to grow chili peppers from cuttings, how to treat cactus scale and how to cultivate Sida cordifolia from seed. We also started a customer photo gallery (submit your pictures!) and published info about our available product add-ons. Finally (for fun), we’ve also put together a list of plant-related movies for adults and another of plant-related films for children.

🙂 All the best,

Arkham’s Botanical

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