06/05/19 – Normal service resumed as of today!

Hi everyone!

So, this post is going to be a little different from our normal updates, as I feel I owe you all a bit of an explanation of the reasons why over the past two weeks we’ve not been able to respond to emails and get orders out as quickly as we usually do. Essentially, it’s been an incredibly traumatic time for us personally, resulting in our attention being unavoidably taken up resolve the issues…

I’ll try to keep it brief!

First, PayPal decided to permanently ban us without any warning due to a “breach of their Terms and Conditions”. Needless to say (if you’ve any experience of using PayPal as a seller), they have offered no support or advice in this regard – not to mention have decided they can freeze our legitimate earnings for six months! – but we presume we’re merely the latest victims of the Inquisition, given a few of the items we carry (e.g. Lophophora williamsii seeds and plants)! Funny how, despite modern technology, it took them nearly nine months to decide to keep our money…

Less than an hour after we received notification from PayPal, I came down with severe gastro-enteritis for a week, which very nearly caused me to end up in a Spanish hospital for the first time. Not very pleasant at all! Needless to say, this greatly exacerbated the PayPal issue, given that I could hardly get out of bed, let alone even begin to arranging an alternative payments processor! Don’t worry though, as we’ll be back to receiving credit and debit card payments within a few days. (Edit: We’re now back to taking credit and debit card payments!)

Compounding these woes still further, on the first day where I felt well enough to get out of bed, I received notice that a friend of a friend who was housesitting our flat in London had not only decided to try to blackmail us(!) into taking over our lease, but was also refusing to leave our home entirely, even after we involved the police. Did I mention he also repeatedly verbally and physically threatened my wife?! Unsurprisingly, this necessitated my travelling immediately to the UK to confront him and remove him from our home, complete with several police interventions and a lot of stress over the past week!

To cap everything off, while taking a well-earned break herself, the lady who currently handles the majority of our UK orders was mugged while on holiday!  

So, there you have it – I realise this isn’t the most professional text to be posting on a business website, but I just wanted to make sure that none of our customers (or anybody else reading this) thought we’d turned flaky, dishonest or worse! We’re incredibly grateful to [$DEITY] that all of our recent problems seem to have now passed, so promise that normal service resumes today!

I’ll be responding to all unanswered emails and processing all outstanding orders today, so please accept my sincere gratitude for your understanding during this particularly unpleasant time.

<3 All the best and massive respect,


Arkham’s Botanical