Phalaris aquatica 'AQ1' clone root system

08/10/18 – Phalaris aquatica AQ1 Root Photos

Phalaris aquatica AQ1 clone Hi guys,

Today we noticed that we’ve not been paying enough attention to a small (but rapidly growing) patch of the much sought-after Phalaris aquatica AQ1 clone, which we left sitting on a windowsill… We realised this when we went to check on the Phalaris‘ water-level, only to discover that – since the plant’s last watering a week or so ago – a large, densely-knotted root system had formed between the pot and the container it sits in.

It was therefore necessary to separate some of the larger knots (using sharp, clean scissors) in order to remove the Phalaris aquatica AQ1 from its pot, before transferring it to a new home in a somewhat larger container. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to get a picture of the main root system once the whole patch was removed from its original container (muddy hands and phone cameras don’t mix well!), but it appeared very strong and healthy. We’re consequently confident that our aquatica AQ1 will recover from this transition nicely – despite our unexpected surgery!

As can be seen from the photos posted below, the plant’s numerous fine roots are very similar in appearance to our favourite tasty rice noodles and bind tightly together. We must apologise for the low-resolution images; we keep meaning to dig out the proper camera to take some good-quality shots of our plant collection, but these will have to suffice for now. First world problems – we hope you enjoy!

Random Phalaris top-tip: support the fragile new growth of young plants using a section of plastic drinks bottle (this can be slit down one side to make it easier to set up around the plant without causing damage) or by small gardening cane (or similar – loosely tie the plant’s mass to this using string).

Phalaris aquatica 'AQ1' clone root system Phalaris aquatica 'AQ1' clone root system Phalaris aquatica 'AQ1' clone root system

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