Tribulus terrestris, aka the 'Puncture Vine'

10/06/19 – 400 listings sale & site updates…

Hi everyone,

So, our big news this month is that we’ve reached an incredible 400 product listings in our shop (already!), which seems like a good excuse for our now traditional centenary sale…

Given that unexpected and unwelcome life circumstances caused us to become a little distracted during part of May, we’ve decided to offer 15% off all seeds and 10% off all live plants and botanicals until midnight (GMT), Sunday 16 June! We’ve lots of great new seed and live plants, so now seems like a good time to get planting, no?

With regard to the quality of the service we provide, we’re always striving to improve and so have compiled a short (twenty questions) survey with the aim of garnering some constructive feedback. How can we make you happier? What do you want Arkham’s Botanical to become as we progress on our journey? If you’ve a few spare minutes, you’ll find the survey under the ‘My Account’ menu when you’re logged in to the website.

This month we were a bit slow, but still managed to publish ‘How to Grow Phyllodium pulchellum from Seed’ and ‘How to Smoke Treat Seeds to Improve Germination‘. We’ve also been receiving quite a few cool photos of your gardens, so are considering publishing a gallery of customer’s pictures. Submissions welcome!

Remember: if you appreciate the work we do, spread the word to your online and offline friends! Much more is afoot that shall be revealed over the coming months…

All the best,
Arkham’s Botanical


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