Salvia divinorum cutting 'Diviner's Sage'

12/10/18 – Salvia divinorum cuttings back in stock!

Hi everyone,

Just a quick one today to let you know that we’ve a very limited amount of (the insanely difficult to obtain) Salvia divinorum cuttings back in stock!

We know you’ll be pleased to hear this, given how much attention we’ve been getting over them. We’ve only five of each size of the Salvia divinorum cuttings ready to ship as of writing, but will be restocking every week or two for the foreseeable future. They’re rooted and waiting for you to give them a good home!

As with all of our listings here on Arkham’s Botanical, if the item you’re after is out of stock when you visit, simply click the ‘Add to waiting list’ button to receive an email reminder once it’s back in stock.

Here’s the Salvia divinorum rooted cuttings listing