Trichocereus cactus species at Montjuic, Barcelona

14/01/19 – A few cactus photos from Spain

As we’re currently on the way to starting the next phase of our Spanish land plan (i.e. actually moving to Spain!), we’ve recently been back and forth arranging the logistics. Happily, it’s not all been hard work, as we managed to find the time for a brief visit to one of our favourite places, Barcelona’s Jardins de Mossèn Costa i Llobera cactus garden!

As can be seen from the snaps below, even the colder January weather sees some nice cactus growth in Catalonia – just check out the prolifically pupping Trichocereus! – and we were also especially pleased to see that the plants and cuttings we’d left in Sabadell in June are progressing well on their journey to becoming mother plants (watch this space!). We’re also still trying to figure out how a small (~2-3cm) Lophophora williamsii we left at a relative’s managed to double in size in six months, having been abandoned to its own devices on a sunny terrace in Barcelona. That’s a rather impressive growth rate right there!

Continuing our apparently ceaseless quest for poor-quality cactus photos taken using a camera phone(!), we also got an opportunity for a quick photo when we stumbled upon an amazing Trichocereus species growing next to a block of flats in Sabadell. By chance, we got talking to the nice lady who’s been growing it for many years (she planted it from seed), but our Spanish was too poor to ask here how the hell she’d managed to avoid anybody vandalizing or stealing it. This must be the only Trichocereus cactus which we’ve seen growing publicly in Spain that hasn’t had any bits ripped or chopped off, nor had anybody’s initials carved into it!

So, here ends another of our exciting posts covering cactus photos and our adventures in Spain…hope you enjoy the pictures!

Some Cactus Photos