Lespedeza bicolor | ‘Shrubby Bushclover’

17/09/18 – New Lespedeza & Phalaris in stock!

Hi folks!

We’ve recently added two nice new species to our shop – one Lespedeza seed type and one Phalaris

The honour of being the first Lespedeza species we’ve ever had for sale here goes to the rather lovely Lespedeza bicolor, a shrub which we’ve wanted to have a go at growing out for several years. It looks like now we have our chance!

Moving on to our new Phalaris grass… We thought we should really be offering the popular Phalaris arundinacea on the site – particularly as we already stock various related species, strains and cultivars (including several of the rarer Australian varieties) – as it can often be difficult to find shops which have your desired type of Phalaris in stock. We’re on a mission to rectify that!

So there you have it; as always, our seed is fresh and ethically-sourced, so what’s your excuse for not making your garden that little bit more interesting?!

🙂 Thanks for reading!

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