Lophophora Lucky Dip (Mixed Species) | 'Peyote'

17/12/18 – New resources & listings added to the site!

Hi all,

This is yet another of our “sorry, we promise we’ll be longer, more informative and more entertaining next time” posts!

Hopefully everyone reading this is well and happy – here’s a short update on the latest resources and product listings which we’ve added to the website since our last post.

Resource-wise, there’s our handy Glossary of Gardening Terms – in case you’re left puzzled by some of the more arcane horticultural terminology used in the literature! We’ve also started off a Seed Identification page, featuring photos of rarer/more exotic seed, which we hope will prove useful to you when navigating the often murky world of ethnobotanical vendors! Moreover, we’ve published a new cultivation guide, this time covering the (very useful!) skill of growing avocado from their stones.

What else? Oh yes, we’ve added some feedback questions to the My Account section, so if you’re a registered member of the site, please take a few moments to sign in and let us know how we’re doing.

We’ve also added the first of our ‘automatic’ free gifts (and plan to add more over the coming months). Essentially, when a logged-in customer makes an order above a certain threshold, a bonus free gift will be automatically added to the cart, absolutely gratis!

Finally, we’ve made some slight upgrades to the product ‘Quick View’ options and implemented a new ‘pop-out’ shopping cart. We hope you approve! If you notice any slight quirks when using the new cart, apologies, this should be worked out very soon. You can always see the correct total by clicking the ‘Basket’ link in the main navigation. Please don’t try to game the system, we’ll simply refund any orders if so!

New products in our store

Bundles: Arkham’s Choice (Mystery seed)‘Peyote’ & ‘San Pedro’ Cactus Plant Bundle #1 | Papaver somniferum Varieties Seed Bundle | Trichocereus Cactus Plant Bundle #1

Seeds: Astrophytum Lucky Dip (Mixed Species) | Lophophora Lucky Dip (Mixed Species) | Lophophora williamsii ‘Durango’ (‘Peyote’) | Papaver somniferum ‘Crone’ (‘Opium Poppy’)