Some Trichocereus & Lophophora tubs using enhanced Takeaway Tek

20/09/18 – ‘Enhanced Takeaway Tek’ added!

Hi all,

This is just a quick note to let you know that we’ve added the first draft of our new guide to the Cultivation section. We hope you find it useful – it’s an ‘Enhanced Takeaway Tek’ which we’ve found to offer greatly-improved germination rates over the previous/original version of the ‘Takeaway Tek’ that we were using before…

This kind of technique for growing cacti from seed is cool, as it’s not only pretty low-maintenance, but you can recycle some household ‘waste’ in the process! We grow many Lophophora and Trichocereus using variations around the Takeaway Tek theme, but it’s a great general approach to germinating many other cactus species too, as it allows you to dial-in a controlled-environment for at least the initial stages of the cacti’s germination and subsequent growth. We especially like this as it allows us to get on with all of our other projects, knowing that our baby cacti are safe and happy without our constant attention!

We’ll likely expand the guide with some better photographs soon, but thought we’d share it with you now so you can at least start considering your plan and saving some fruit containers…

😉 Happy growing!