Tribulus terrestris, aka the 'Puncture Vine'

22/03/19 – Latest Products in the Store…

Hey guys,

This is just a short site update for now, as Calipso has arrived here in Spain so needs a bit of TLC while she adjusts to her new home!

One quite cool new addition we should mention is the currency conversion buttons you should see somewhere to the bottom left of your screen. We hope it’s fairly obvious, but clicking these will switch the currency which the website displays from the default £GBP/Pounds Sterling to (now definitely never to be introduced to the UK!) €Euros. We hope to also add $US and other major currencies soon.

Note that this conversion is only for guideline purposes at present, although the currency conversion rate is updated several times throughout each day. The checkout page still displays your order total as £GBP and you will be charged in this currency. This will eventually change as we open bank accounts in the European Union.

With that said, scroll down to see what’s recently been added to the shop!

Latest Products Added to Our Store

Botanicals: Mimosa hostilis (Mimosa tenuiflora) Root bark ‘Brazilian C’ (‘Jurema’)

Bundles: Acacia Seeds Bundle Two | ‘Cardón Grande’ & ‘Peyote’ Cactus Plant Bundle 1 | Trichocereus peruvianus Seed Bundle 1 | Trichocereus terscheckii ‘Cardón Grande’ Seed Bundle 1

Seeds: Lophophora williamsii ‘Cuatrocienegas’ (‘Peyote’) | Lophophora williamsii ‘La Casita’ (‘Peyote’) | Lophophora williamsii ‘Villa Arista’ (‘Peyote’) | Papaver somniferum ‘Kykeon Afghan’ (‘Opium Poppy’) | Tribulus terrestris (‘Puncture Vine’) | (Trichocereus bridgesii ‘SS02’ x Trichocereus peruvianus ‘SS01’) x Trichocereus peruvianus ‘Bonny’ | Trichocereus bridgesii ‘MM’ x Trichocereus bridgesii ‘Wowie’ | Trichocereus pachanoi ‘Torres & Torres’ x Trichocereus pachanoi ‘Ecuadorian’ | Trichocereus pachanoi x Trichocereus bridgesii ‘MM’ | Trichocereus peruvianus ‘Betsy’ x Trichocereus peruvianus ‘Clyde’ | Trichocereus peruvianus ‘Clyde’ x Trichocereus huanucoensis | Trichocereus peruvianus ‘Clyde’ x Trichocereus huarazensis | Trichocereus peruvianus ‘Peru2’ x Trichocereus bridgesii ‘KGC’ | Trichocereus peruvianus ‘Peru2’ x Trichocereus peruvianus ‘Icaros DNA’