Supporting the Beckley Foundation

22/07/19 – Supporting the Beckley Foundation…

Hi guys,

If you regularly frequent this site then you’ve probably noticed that we’ve recently added a few product add-on checkboxes to each product listing. Currently, these enable you to upgrade your order to include some mystery seed, or a donation to one of our preferred causes.

So, we’re pleased to announce that the first charity with which we’ll be partnering to raise funds is the amazing Beckley Foundation, a UK-based think-tank and UN-accredited NGO which carries out pioneering scientific research in order to further our understanding of consciousness and reveal the mechanisms underlying the medical and cognitive benefits of psychedelics, cannabis and MDMA, driving evidence-based drug policy reform along the way.

While we’ll be making a regular monthly donation toward supporting the Beckley Foundation, it seems like a sensible idea to try raising more too, so we’ll match every £1 donated by Arkham’s customers with another £1! Just tick the relevant box when you add something to your basket and we’ll do the rest.

We hope you’ll agree that anything which can potentially help to relieve human suffering – medically or otherwise – should absolutely be scientifically and vigorously researched, so please consider ticking the relevant checkbox the next time you make an order here. If all our customers made a donation in this way then we’d soon raise some serious funds, supporting the Beckley Foundation! If you’d like to make a larger donation to the foundation, you can do so via the form on their website.

All the best,

Arkham’s Botanical