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23/12/19 – Festive Updates & New Stock…

Hi all,

Before we go any further, 🙂 Season’s greetings to you and yours (presuming you celebrate Christmas in some form)! We’re now away until Tuesday, 7 January, so any orders made up until then will ship on Wednesday, 8 January.

So, please accept our 🙁 abject apologies for the recent lack of activity on the website (not to mention our extremely tardy email responses)… Excuses include – but are certainly not limited to! – serious family and staff health issues, Brexit uncertainty and a storm rendering our Internet accessibility null for over one week…

Anyway, thanks for bearing with us during this unexpectedly trying time; we’ll respond to all hitherto unanswered emails as soon as possible, so please don’t be concerned if you’ve yet to receive a reply to your query – all orders are being sent out as we receive payment, we’re just embarrassingly behind on our communication!

Besides wading through our email backlog, we’re slowly coaxing our lovely Salvia divinorum mothers into producing more cuttings (despite our rather cold growing space), so expect to be able to offer substantial quantities of those once more by the summer of 2020. Subscribe to our email list to be the first to know once they’re back in stock – as well as all of our other news and special offers!

We’ve also been experimenting with the germination of Acacia acuminata, Acacia confusa, Acacia obtusifolia, Anadenanthera colubrina, Anadenanthera peregrina and Desmanthus leptolobus under relatively cold (yet still indoor) conditions in Spain. They’re all doing quite well so far, so please wish us luck, as we’re hoping to be able to upload some pictures of the young plants as they mature over the coming months. It’s so wonderful to watch the first true leaves/phyllodes appear from the tiny seedlings!

In other news, we’re happy to announce that European customers are once again able to make direct bank transfers in Euros to our UK (Sterling) account, without the extra fee we’ve been forced to levy for the past couple of months! Essentially, we’re able to accept BACS/CHAPS/SEPA/TARGET2 bank transfers in Euros and British Pounds. Please refer to our Payment Options page for a full overview.

Other than that, we hope none of you have been unduly inconvenienced by our website’s sudden popularity – we’ve noticed the occasional ‘520’ webpage access error recently when checking the site, which generally occurs due to a lot of people using the resources at once. We’re already on the highest-tier which our webhost offers, so it looks like we’ll be tweaking some of the features and other technical stuff a little over the coming months – hopefully not so much that you actually notice, but we thought it fair to warn you! If you see the ‘520’ (or any other) error while browsing the website, please try refreshing the page in the first instance, as this is usually the quickest way to actually view the page. Should you come across any persistent issues, please let us know via email so that we can get them sorted ASAP!

Before we go, don’t forget to browse our extensive range of bundles, other items currently on sale and our Last in Stock pages too, if you’ve an eye for a bargain! 😉 January seems like a good time to run another site-wide sale too…

All the best,
Arkham’s Botanical

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