Acacia floribunda | 'Gossamer Wattle' - An australian Acacia

24/09/18 – Australian Acacia Seed bonanza!

Hi all,

😀 This week, we’re rather excited to add more quality seed of a number of excellent Australian Acacia species to the Arkham’s Botanical store!

We’ve not only got some fresh genetics of commonly appreciated favourites of the genus:

But have also got some great examples of a few often overlooked – yet highly desirable – species too:

The Australian ‘Wattles’ really do deserve much more attention, making marvellous additions to any serious arboreal collection. Moreover, several of the Acacia species native to Australia are unfortunately considered to be (sometimes critically) endangered, so it’s up to us to do what we can to conserve them via propagation! With this in mind, we’ll be adding more Acacia-related info and cultivation guides to our site resources as we’re able. In the meantime, you might start by taking a look at this short guide to germinating Acacia seed.

We can’t wait to start growing these fantastic Australian Acacia trees in our Spanish and UK gardens, but they’re suited to growing in most other countries too. This can be checked by comparing your local USDA climate zone with those specified in each product listing.

That’s all for now, so thanks for your continued support and stay lucky!