Ephedra fragilis | 'Join Pine'

How to Grow Ephedra from Seed

We thought we’d put this handy growing guide together, outlining a quick and simple way to grow species such as Ephedra fragilis (‘Joint Pine’) and Ephedra sinica (‘Ma Huang’) from seed.

How to Grow Ephedra from Seed – Materials:

How to Grow Ephedra from Seed – Method:

  1. Prepare an evenly-mixed blend of half cactus potting soil and half sand.
  2. Fill the containers with the potting mix and lightly moisten it.
  3. Very loosely cover the Ephedra seeds with the soil mix.
  4. Place the containers somewhere in full sun to partial shade.
  5. The optimum temperature for germination is around 21-26ºC / 70-80ºF, so keep conditions warm and humid. You might consider using a humidity tent (or making one out of a plastic bag).
  6. Ephedra germination should take place after a week or two, but it may take up to a month or so for the seeds to sprout. Expect a fifty to eighty percent germination rate under ideal conditions.
  7. Once the seedlings are at least fifteen centimetres tall, they are big enough to transplant into larger containers or the ground. A loose, loamy/sandy well-drained soil produces best results, as long as the maturing plants are lightly watered one or two times a week (dependent on climate and season).
  8. Congratulations, you’re the proud owner of some Ephedra plants! When they’re big and healthy, they can be further (and more quickly) propagated by dividing the plants into smaller clumps – this is best carried out in the springtime.