How to Root a Salvia Cutting

How to root a Salvia cuttingIn this short guide, Arkham’s Botanical will teach you the correct way to strike roots from a Salvia cutting.

We’ve chosen to demonstrate using some recently-made Salvia divinorum cuttings, but this simple technique will work for most other species of Salvia too, as well as for many other plant species.



  • Salvia plant or cutting (preferably good and healthy)
  • Container to fill with water (we recycle a plastic bottle, cut in half)
  • Sharp blade (the cleaner the better)
  • Water (tap water is fine, but use what you prefer)



  1. Using a sharp blade, carefully take a cutting from your plant, slicing just below one of its nodes (from which the new roots will later develop).
  2. Clean the cutting with water to remove any dirt or other organic matter.
  3. Fill a clean and suitably-sized container roughly ten centimetres deep with water. We just used tap water in this case, but your preference may vary.
  4. Put the Salvia cutting into the container. As you can see from the photos, several cuttings can be rooted together as required.
  5. Place the container somewhere sheltered yet that gets plenty of filtered sunlight. We put ours on a windowsill.
  6. Dependent on your climate, after a week or so you should see roots start to form from the stem of the cutting.
  7.  Once the roots are nice and long and generally ‘look ready’, you can transfer the new plants to a more long-term container. To give you an idea of what we mean by this, we’ll probably plant our cuttings (shown in the photographs) after a few more days growth. We prefer to use a slightly-acidic potting soil.

In summary, we hope you find this useful and that it encourages you to seek out and try cultivating this rare and fascinating plant. We’ve found her to be a little temperamental (at least indoors in the UK) but she’s certainly a highly rewarding addition to our garden!

We sometimes sell Salvia cuttings in our shop, although stocks are often extremely limited and consequently tend to sell out quickly.

How to root a Salvia cutting

How to root a Salvia cutting

How to root a Salvia cutting

Arkham’s Botanical sells Salvia cuttings