Arkham Botanical’s live Trichocereus cacti plants and cuttings are grown organically from seed and with love, in Spain and the UK. All of the quality cactus seeds which we offer for sale at the present time are sourced from ethical and internationally-respected specialist vendors.

We stock the widest range of Trichocereus hybrid seed in both the UK and Europe, but if you still don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know – we can source many more genera, species and varieties than are listed here! In case you’re unaware, did we mention that this genus is more properly now classed as part of the Echinopsis? Oh well, old habits die hard…

If you’re currently cultivating (or thinking about cultivating) these amazing cacti, start by taking a look at the guides in our Cultivation and Info sections. We suggest this overview of the ‘Enhanced’ Takeaway Tek for starters…you might find our comprehensive list of Trichocereus species a useful reference too.

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