Easter flowering

21/04/19 – Happy Easter! New in the store…

Howdy everyone!

First, we’d like to wish all of our customers (and other supporters) a very Happy Easter – whatever your personal belief system, we hope you’re spending the weekend in a relaxing and enjoyable fashion…

As always, we’ve been keeping busy sourcing some great new stock, as well as restocking some of our more popular items (for example, our Mimosa hostilis root bark ‘A’). We’ve also been working out the few remaining kinks regarding inventory storage (as we now have bases in both Spain and the UK), so thank you for bearing with us if your recent order was one of those which had to be sent in two instalments!

Other than that, we’ve been carrying out some general housekeeping on the site and have also published a new guide in our Info section: How to Make ‘Tepezcohuite’ Cream from Mimosa hostilis. We hope this provides a suitable base for those of you who’ve been asking us for more detail on the subject – this really is a valuable species!

🙂 Now we’re off to sow some Easter Sunday seeds…

New in Our Store

Botanicals: Banisteriopsis caapi ‘Cielo’ leaves| Banisteriopsis caapi ‘Cielo’ vine

Bundles: ‘Cardón Grande’ & ‘Peyote’ cacti | Lophophora williamsii cacti (‘Peyote’) | Mimosa hostilis seed | Trichocereus santaensis seed | Trichocereus terscheckii seed

Live Plants: Trichocereus werdermannianus

Seeds: Ipomoea tricolor ‘Heavenly Blue’ (‘Morning Glory’) | Lophophora fricii (‘False Peyote’) | Lophophora fricii ‘Decipiens’ (‘False Peyote’) | Lophophora fricii ‘Lux’ (‘False Peyote’) | Lophophora williamsii ‘Charco Blanco’ (‘Peyote’) | Lophophora williamsii ‘Cuatrocienegas’ (‘Peyote’) | Lophophora williamsii ‘El Jabali’ (‘Peyote’) | Lophophora williamsii ‘La Casita’ (‘Peyote’) | Lophophora williamsii ‘Pluricostata’ (‘Peyote’) | Lophophora williamsii ‘Sierra Amargosa’ (‘Peyote’) | Lophophora williamsii ‘Sierra Delicias’ (‘Peyote’) | Lophophora williamsii ‘Villa Arista’ (‘Peyote’) | Trichocereus candicans ‘GM 1682’ (‘Argentine Giant’) | Trichocereus huascha ‘Grandiflora’ (‘Red Torch’) | Trichocereus werdermannianus