Red & green coloured succulent plants


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List of Acacia Species by Subgenus

List of Lophophora Species and Varieties

List of Phalaris Clones: Phalaris aquatica

List of Phalaris Clones: Phalaris arundinacea

List of Recognised Plant Families

List of Salvia divinorum Clones

List of Trichocereus Species (Echinopsis)

‘Nightshades’ and Other Toxic Plants – A Gallery

San Pedro Cactus FAQ

Seed Identification Photos

Trichocereus Species Cheat-sheet

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How to Mail Plant Cuttings

How to Make ‘Ayahuasca’ Amulets with Banisteriopsis Vines

How to Make Mimosa hostilis Soap

How to Make ‘Tepezcohuite’ Cream with Mimosa hostilis

How to Treat Cactus Scale Infection

Things to Recycle for Use in the Garden

Gardening Basics

Gardening Basics: Measurement Conversion

Glossary of Gardening A-Z: A to C

Glossary of Gardening A-Z: D to H

Glossary of Gardening A-Z: I to P

Glossary of Gardening A-Z: Q to Z


Essential Cactus-growing Accessories

Ethnobotany & Economic Botany – A Primer

List of Botanical Gardens in Europe

List of Plant-related Names

List of Plant-related Surnames

Some Silly Cactus Jokes