Arkham's Botanical

A little bit about who we are and what we do here at Arkham’s Botanical Limited.

Established in early 2018, Arkham’s Botanical is a popular and fast-growing online shop designed as a comprehensive and “one-stop” source for all of your ethnobotanical and horticultural needs. With our wide range of stock expanding all the time, we genuinely aim to be a knowledgeable, reliable and honest vendor in a sea of murk!

Owned and operated by a dedicated plant enthusiast and amateur ethnobotanist, the business is currently situated in London, operating some growing spaces in Spain’s sunny Costa Brava too. However, 2019 will see us establish a much larger and more permanent base in Spain from which to grow, so expect some good things to come consequent to that.

As unapologetic polyplantpeople, we know what you want (because we want it too!): Cactus fanatic? We’ve Lophophora, Trichocereus and more! Missing Mimosa? We’ve got it! Amorous about Acacias? Sorted. Big into Banisteriopsis, Ipomoea or Virola? You probably get the idea…

Arkham’s Promise to Deliver

  • Rare & popular seeds & plants from around the globe
  • Good value & the best possible customer service
  • Accurately-labelled & quality seed

Exclusive Updates, Offers & Growing Tips

In case you’re wondering, we’re a UK-registered Limited Company – number 11514475
Our address is 4 Finsbury Place, Head Street, Halstead, Essex, UK, CO9 2AX (no visitors please, strictly mail order-only at present)

We accept payment via BACS transfer, Cash, Cheque, PayPal & TransferWise & offer free shipping on many orders