Available Product Add-ons

As per its title, this page explains all of the product add-ons which may currently be added to your order here at Arkham’s Botanical. Click on the relevant checkbox before clicking ‘Add to Basket’ if you want to add any of these to your order.

Whether you fancy chancing your luck on some of our mystery seed, or have chosen to make a small donation to one of the causes we support, you’ll find all of the information needed to make it happen right here!

Add Mystery Seed for £2.49

Add some mystery seed to your order! (£2.49)

Are you finding it difficult to choose from our large selection of seeds, plants and other products? Why not try your luck with our ‘Mystery Seed’ offer?

If you’re up for it, we’ll send you our choice of mystery seed (which could be any species or variety from those carry), clearly-labelled and worth at least the price you paid for them! Favour the “more-is-more” approach? You can also purchase ‘Mystery Seed’ in larger quantities in our store.

Our stock is updated literally all the time, but includes genera such as: Acacia, Althaea, Argyreia, Atropa, Banisteriopsis, Brassica, Brugmansia, Calea, Datura, Daucus, Delosperma, Desmanthus, Desmodium, Digitalis, Ephedra, Heimia, Hyoscyamus, Hypericum, Ipomoea, Lactuca, Leonotis, Lespedeza, Lophophora, Mimosa, Nicotiana, Papaver, Passiflora, Phalaris, Phragmites, Rivea, Silene, Trichocereus, Valeriana, Verbascum and Voacanga!

Donate £1 to our chosen causes & we’ll match it

Donate £1 to our chosen causes

Donate £1 to our chosen good causes and we’ll match it! We rotate these causes every few months, donating the total funds raised to the benficiaries at the end of the fundraising period. We hope that over time we’ll consequently be able to funnel some much-needed ca$h to some worthy projects.

Don’t just wait for us to announce we’re fundraising, however – click on a link or two to find out more about each charity or project and donate as you’re willing and able! You can also read more about our support of such causes on our Conservation and Community Partnerships page.

Groups we’re currently supporting include:

Groups we’ve previously supported or continue to support include:

  • Bristol Greenery Cooperative (UK)
  • Essex Guerrilla Gardeners (UK)
  • Gorey Wildflower Association (Ireland)
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity (UK)
  • Grupo de conservación botánica Pañella Bonastre (Spain)
  • NFF (Spain/UK)
  • The Panzi Foundation (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
  • Wexford Community Tree Planting Project (Ireland)