Conservation & Community Partnerships

Arkham's Botanical - Conservation & Community PartnershipsAs we’ve mentioned previously on this website, Arkham’s Botanical is a company on a real mission – to disseminate novel, useful, rare and endangered plant species as widely as possible.

We’d hope that everyone’s aware by now of the extremely fragile balances that comprise our shared ecosystem, particularly with regard to the appalling rate at which mankind seems to be destroying the planet and its flora and fauna…

With this in mind, we always try to offer our support should we come across a worthy botanical (or related) project, having so far worked with a variety of impressive community groups, researchers, volunteer projects and conservation charities by donating seeds, funds and advice. Currently, we’re aiming to distribute 5-10% of our annual profits between our chosen causes.

Past & Ongoing Affiliations & Support

  • The Beckley Foundation (UK)
  • Bristol Greenery Cooperative (UK)
  • Cactus Conservation Institute (USA)
  • Essex Guerilla Gardeners (UK)
  • Gorey Wildflower Association (Ireland)
  • Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital (UK)
  • Grupo de conservación botánica Pañella Bonastre (Spain)
  • Nexus (USA)
  • NFF (Spain)
  • Sociedad de cultivo de cactus de Barcelona (Spain)
  • Wexford Community Tree Planting Project (Ireland)

Our Conservation Project

If you’re interested in our work pursuing ethnobotanical sustainability, we’ve also written up a brief overview of the conservation project which we’re slowly setting up in Spain (it’s very early days yet!). In a nutshell, this involves the purchase of land in Northern Spain, on which we will establish an ethnobotanical plant repository and stewardship scheme, growing a wide range of botanically and culturally-important species.

The eventual aim is to be in a position to disseminate seed and cuttings to herbariums, institutions, collectors and communities around the world. At a later stage of the project we will also be looking at hosting researchers, conventions, retreats and workshops.

Now you know the impetus for our business – our dream of a globally-accessible community resource! If you know of a community gardening, research group or other relevant entity which would benefit from our support, please make your suggestion via email and we’ll see if we can help out.