Land Plan

Arkham's Botanical love plants!Arkham’s Botanical are pleased to announce our latest project, in conjunction with the NFF, is in the preliminary planning stages…

2019 will see us relocating to Spain in order to establish a longtime dream of ours: a shamanic plant repository and stewardship scheme, growing various plant strains of specific interest with the aim of eventually disseminating seed and cuttings to interested herbariums, institutions, collectors and communities worldwide. Fear not British customers, as the majority of orders will still be shipped from our UK site!

It’s early days yet, but over the coming year we’ll be scouting for a suitable location as we explore Catalonia (truly one of our favourite places on Earth!), greatly expanding our range of seed-grown plants and clones in preparation for mass planting once a suitable venue is secured. Initially, we plan to cultivate exotic genera including Acacia, Banisteriopsis, Desmanthus, Desmodium, Lophophora, Mimosa, Phalaris, Psychotria, Salvia, Tabernanthe, Trichocereus and Voacanga.

Inspired by gardens such as Alnwick, Kew and the National Arboretum (UK), Mossèn Costa i Llobera (Spain) and Herbalistics and Wandjina (Australia), our goal is to evolve into a well-established living plant resource and stewardship scheme, cultivating and safeguarding exotic and unusual plants for future generations. Our long-term hope is that this ethnobotanical research garden can eventually become some kind of co-operative project, hosting and facilitating interested herbaria, institutions, researchers, collectors and communities from around the world.

  • Arboretum, herbarium or other community project or institutions? If only there was a viable source of accurately-identified reference plants of exotic species, varieties and ‘named clones’…
  • Botanical researcher or other scientist? Imagine if you could observe mature, ground-planted examples of subject species, whenever you want – without a costly trip to Australia, Bolivia, etc…
  • Ethnobotanical gardener? Suppose there was a place where you could reliably obtain great genetics of even the rarest of your favourite species and varieties…

Besides the funds due to the charities we support (we aim to donate 5-10% of our annual profits to good causes), all of the company founder’s profits are being put into making this project a reality. With your help, we can realise this dream and make good things happen! Keep checking this site and the mailouts for progress reports.

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Lophophora williamsii
Passiflora incarnata | 'Maypop', 'Purple Passionflower', 'Wild Passion Vine'
Phalaris brachystachys | 'Confused Canary grass', 'Shortspike Canary grass'
Diplopterys cabrerana
Psychotria viridis | 'Chacruna'
Trichocereus bridgseii cactus