List of Acacia Species (Subgenus: Phyllodineae)

Acacia Species by Subgenus - Phyllodineae

Here’s the first version of our work-in-progress list of Acacia species and related subgenera, which we intend to expand as time allows. This section of our list covers the Acacia subgenus Phyllodineae.

You can contribute by telling us if we’ve missed a proper species (no nomen nudums, varieties or other informal titles please) that you know of, included erroneous information, etc.

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An A-Z List of Acacia Species

Subgenus: Phyllodineae

Acacia acanthaster
Acacia acanthoclada (Harrow Wattle)
Acacia acanthoclada subsp. acanthoclada
Acacia acanthoclada subsp. glaucescens
Acacia acinacea (Round-leaved Wattle, Gold-dust Wattle)
Acacia acinacea var. acinacea
Acacia acinacea var. brevipedunculata
Acacia acoma
Acacia acrionastes
Acacia acuaria
Acacia aculeatissima (Thin-leaf Wattle, Snake Wattle)
Acacia aculeiformis
Acacia acutata
Acacia adinophylla
Acacia adunca (Wallangarra Wattle, Cascade Wattle)
Acacia aestivalis
Acacia alcockii
Acacia alexandri
Acacia alleniana
Acacia amblygona (Fan Wattle)
Acacia amblyophylla
Acacia amoena (Boomerang Wattle)
Acacia ampliceps (Salt Wattle)
Acacia anceps
Acacia andrewsii
Acacia angusta
Acacia anthochaera
Acacia aphanoclada (Nullagine Ghost Wattle)
Acacia araneosa (Spidery Wattle, Balcanoona Wattle)
Acacia arbiana
Acacia argutifolia (Easty Barrens wattle)
Acacia argyrophylla (Silver Mulga)
Acacia aristulata
Acacia asepala
Acacia ashbyae
Acacia asparagoides
Acacia aspera (Rough Wattle)
Acacia aspera subsp. aspera
Acacia aspera subsp. parviceps
Acacia atrox
Acacia atrox subsp. atrox
Acacia atrox subsp. planiticola
Acacia attenuata
Acacia aureocrinita
Acacia auronitens
Acacia auronitens var. auronitens
Acacia auronitens var. mollis
Acacia ausfeldii (Ausfeld’s Wattle, Whipstick Cinnamon Wattle)
Acacia bancroftiorum
Acacia barbinervis
Acacia barbinervis subsp. barbinervis
Acacia barbinervis subsp. borealis
Acacia barringtonensis (Barrington Wattle)
Acacia basedowii (Basedow’s Wattle)
Acacia baxteri (Baxter’s Wattle)
Acacia beadleana
Acacia beckleri (Barrier Range Wattle)
Acacia beckleri subsp. beckleri
Acacia beckleri subsp. megaspherica
Acacia betchei (Red-tip Wattle)
Acacia bidentata
Acacia bidentata var. australis
Acacia bidentata var. bidentata
Acacia bidentata var. pubescens
Acacia biflora (Two-flowered Acacia)
Acacia binata
Acacia binervata (Two-veined Hickory)
Acacia bivenosa (Two-nerved Wattle)
Acacia blakelyi
Acacia blaxellii (Blaxell’s Wattle)
Acacia boormanii (Snowy River Wattle)
Acacia botrydion
Acacia brachybotrya (Bluebush, Grey Wattle, Grey Mulga)
Acacia brachycarpa
Acacia brachyclada
Acacia bracteolata
Acacia brownii (Heath Wattle, Prickly Moses)
Acacia brumalis
Acacia brunioides
Acacia brunioides subsp. brunioides
Acacia brunioides subsp. granitica
Acacia burbidgeae (Burbidge’s Wattle)
Acacia buxifolia (Box-leaf Wattle)
Acacia buxifolia  subsp. buxifolia
Acacia buxifolia  subsp. pubiflora
Acacia caerulescens (Buchan Blue)
Acacia caesiella (Tableland Wattle, Bluebush Wattle, Blue Bush)
Acacia calamifolia (Broom Wattle, Wallowa, Reed-leaf Wattle)
Acacia calantha
Acacia calcarata
Acacia camptoclada
Acacia carneorum (Needle Wattle, Dead Finish, Purple-wood Wattle)
Acacia carnosula
Acacia castanostegia
Acacia cedroides
Acacia celastrifolia (Glowing Wattle, Celastrus-leaved Acacia)
Acacia centrinervia (White Hairy Wattle)
Acacia chalkeri (Chalker’s Wattle)
Acacia chamaeleon
Acacia chartacea
Acacia chrysella
Acacia chrysocephala
Acacia clandullensis
Acacia clunies-rossiae (Kowmung Wattle)
Acacia clydonophora
Acacia concolorans
Acacia conferta (Crowded-leaf Wattle)
Acacia confluens
Acacia congesta
Acacia congesta subsp. cliftoniana
Acacia congesta subsp. congesta
Acacia congesta subsp. wonganensis
Acacia costata
Acacia costiniana
Acacia covenyi (Blue Bush)
Acacia crassistipula
Acacia crassiuscula
Acacia crassuloides
Acacia cremiflora
Acacia cretacea
Acacia crispula
Acacia crombiei (Pink Gidgee)
Acacia cultriformis (Knife-leaf Wattle, Dogtooth Wattle, Half-moon Wattle, Golden-glow Wattle)
Acacia cuneifolia
Acacia cupularis (Coastal Umbrella Bush)
Acacia cuspidifolia (Wait-a-while, Bohemia)
Acacia daphnifolia
Acacia daviesii
Acacia decora (Showy Wattle, Western Golden Wattle, Western Silver Wattle)
Acacia deficiens
Acacia delphina (Dolphin Wattle)
Acacia dempsteri
Acacia dentifera (Tooth-bearing Acacia)
Acacia dermatophylla
Acacia deuteroneura
Acacia diaphana
Acacia diaphyllodinea
Acacia dictyocarpa
Acacia dictyophleba
Acacia didyma
Acacia dietrichiana
Acacia difformis (Drooping Wattle, Wyalong Wattle, Mystery Wattle)
Acacia dilatata
Acacia diminuta
Acacia disticha (Mamoose Tree)
Acacia divergens
Acacia dodonaeifolia (Sticky Wattle, Hop-leaved Wattle)
Acacia dorothea (Dorothy’s Wattle)
Acacia dorsenna
Acacia durabilis
Acacia echinula (Hedgehog Wattle)
Acacia ensifolia
Acacia eremophiloides
Acacia ericifolia
Acacia ericksoniae
Acacia erinacea
Acacia erioclada
Acacia errabunda
Acacia euthycarpa
Acacia euthycarpa subsp. euthycarpa
Acacia euthycarpa subsp. oblanceolata
Acacia euthyphylla
Acacia evenulosa
Acacia everistii
Acacia excentrica
Acacia exocarpoides
Acacia extensa (Wiry Wattle)
Acacia exudans (Casterton Wattle)
Acacia falcata (Burra, Sally, Sickle-shaped Acacia, Silver-leaved Wattle)
Acacia falciformis (Mountain Hickory, Broad-leaved Hickory, Black Wattle, Large-leaf Hickory Wattle)
Acacia fasciculifera (Scrub Ironbark)
Acacia ferocior
Acacia fimbriata (Fringed Wattle, Brisbane Golden Wattle)
Acacia flabellifolia
Acacia flagelliformis
Acacia flexifolia (Bent-leaf Wattle, Small Winter Wattle)
Acacia flocktoniae
Acacia floydii
Acacia forrestiana
Acacia forsythii (Warrumbungle Range Wattle)
Acacia gelasina
Acacia genistifolia (Spreading Wattle, Early Wattle)
Acacia gillii (Gill’s Wattle)
Acacia gittinsii
Acacia gladiiformis (Sword Wattle, Sword-leaf Wattle)
Acacia glandulicarpa (Hairy-pod Wattle)
Acacia glaucissima
Acacia glaucocaesia
Acacia glutinosissima
Acacia gnidium
Acacia gonophylla
Acacia gordonii
Acacia graniticola
Acacia gregorii (Gregory’s Wattle)
Acacia gunnii (Ploughshare Wattle, Dog’s Tooth Wattle)
Acacia hakeoides (Hakea-leaved Wattle, Western Black Wattle, Hakea Wattle)
Acacia halliana
Acacia hamiltoniana (Hamilton’s Wattle)
Acacia handonis (Hando’s Wattle, Percy Grant Wattle)
Acacia harveyi
Acacia hastulata
Acacia hemiteles (Broombush, Tan Wattle)
Acacia hendersonii
Acacia heterochroa (Bob’s Wattle)
Acacia heterochroa subsp. heterochroa
Acacia heterochroa subsp. robertii
Acacia hispidula (Little Harsh Acacia, Rough-leaved Acacia, Rough Hairy Wattle)
Acacia hockingsii
Acacia holotricha
Acacia horridula
Acacia howittii (Howitt’s Wattle, Sticky Wattle)
Acacia hubbardiana (Yellow Prickly Moses)
Acacia huegelii
Acacia hystrix
Acacia hystrix subsp. continua
Acacia hystrix subsp. hystrix
Acacia idiomorpha
Acacia imbricata (Imbricate Wattle)
Acacia imitans
Acacia imparilis
Acacia improcera
Acacia inaequilatera (Camel Bush, Corky Canji)
Acacia inaequiloba
Acacia inamabilis
Acacia incrassata
Acacia infecunda
Acacia ingramii
Acacia ingrata
Acacia inops
Acacia insolita
Acacia insolita subsp. efoliolata
Acacia insolita subsp. insolita
Acacia insolita subsp. recurva
Acacia intricata
Acacia islana
Acacia iteaphylla (Winter Wattle, Flinders Range Wattle, Willow-leaved Wattle)
Acacia ixodes (Motherumbung)
Acacia jacksonioides
Acacia jasperensis
Acacia jennerae (Coonavittra Wattle)
Acacia jensenii
Acacia johnsonii (Gereera Wattle)
Acacia jucunda
Acacia juncifolia (Rush-leaf Wattle)
Acacia kettlewelliae (Buffalo Wattle)
Acacia kochii
Acacia kybeanensis (Kybean Wattle)
Acacia kydrensis (Kydra Wattle)
Acacia lachnophylla
Acacia lanceolata
Acacia laricina
Acacia laricina var. crassifolia
Acacia laricina var. laricina
Acacia lauta
Acacia leichhardtii (Leichhardt’s Wattle)
Acacia leiophylla
Acacia leprosa (Cinnamon Wattle)
Acacia leprosa var. crassipoda
Acacia leprosa var. graveolens
Acacia leprosa var. leprosa
Acacia leprosa var. magna
Acacia leprosa var. uninervia
Acacia leptalea (Chinocup Wattle)
Acacia leptopetala
Acacia leptospermoides
Acacia leptospermoides subsp. leptospermoides
Acacia leptospermoides subsp. obovata
Acacia leptospermoides subsp. psammophila
Acacia leucolobia
Acacia ligulata (Dune Wattle, Sandhill Wattle, Small Cooba, Umbrella Bush Wirra)
Acacia ligustrina
Acacia linearifolia (Stringybark Wattle, Narrow-leaved Wattle)
Acacia lineata (Streaked Wattle, Narrow-lined Leaved Acacia)
Acacia linifolia (White Wattle, Flax-leaved Wattle)
Acacia littorea
Acacia lucasii (Wooly-bear Wattle, Lucas’s Wattle)
Acacia lullfitziorum
Acacia lunata
Acacia mabellae (Mabel’s Wattle, Black Wattle)
Acacia macnuttiana (McNutt’s Wattle)
Acacia macradenia (Zig-zag Wattle)
Acacia maitlandii (Maitland’s Wattle, Spiky Wattle)
Acacia mariae
Acacia marramamba
Acacia maxwellii
Acacia meiantha
Acacia meisneri
Acacia melleodora
Acacia merrallii
Acacia merrickiae
Acacia microbotrya (Manna Wattle)
Acacia microbotrya var. borealis (Northern Manna Wattle)
Acacia microbotrya var. microbotrya
Acacia microcalyx
Acacia microcarpa (Manna Wattle)
Acacia minutissima
Acacia montana
Acacia mooreana
Acacia muriculata
Acacia murrayana (Murray’s Wattle, Powder Bark Wattle, Colony Wattle, Sandplain Wattle)
Acacia mutabilis
Acacia mutabilis subsp. angustifolia
Acacia mutabilis subsp. incurva
Acacia mutabilis subsp. mutabilis
Acacia mutabilis subsp. rhynchophylla
Acacia mutabilis subsp. stipulifera
Acacia myrtifolia (Myrtle Wattle, Red Stem Wattle, South Australian Silver Wattle)
Acacia nana
Acacia nanopravissima
Acacia nematophylla
Acacia neriifolia (Oleander-leaved Wattle, Yarran, Black Wattle)
Acacia nervosa (Rib Wattle)
Acacia nigripilosa
Acacia nigripilosa subsp. latifolia
Acacia nigripilosa subsp. nigripilosa
Acacia nodiflora
Acacia notabilis (Notable Wattle, Flinder’s Wattle, Stiff Golden Wattle)
Acacia nova-anglica (New England Hickory)
Acacia obliquinervia (Mount Hickory Wattle)
Acacia obovata
Acacia obtusata (Blunt-leaf Wattle, Obtuse Wattle)
Acacia orbifolia
Acacia oxyclada
Acacia pachyacra
Acacia pachyphylla
Acacia pachypoda
Acacia paradoxa (Paradox Acacia, Kangaroo Thorn, Hedge Wattle, Prickly Wattle)
Acacia pataczekii (Wally’s Wattle, Pataczek’s Wattle)
Acacia pedina
Acacia penninervis (Mountain Hickory, Hickory Wattle)
Acacia penninervis var. longiracemosa
Acacia penninervis var. penninervis
Acacia perangusta (Eprapah Wattle)
Acacia peuce (Waddy-wood, Waddy, Waddi, Birdsville Wattle)
Acacia phaeocalyx
Acacia phasmoides (Phantom Wattle)
Acacia phlebopetala
Acacia phlebopetala var. phlebopetala
Acacia phlebopetala var. pubescens
Acacia pickardii
Acacia piligera
Acacia pilligaensis (Pinbush Wattle, Pilliga Wattle)
Acacia plautella
Acacia podalyriifolia (Pearl Wattle, Queensland Silver Wattle, Mt. Morgan Wattle)
Acacia polifolia
Acacia poliochroa
Acacia praemorsa
Acacia prainii (Prain’s Wattle)
Acacia pravifolia (Coiled-pod Wattle)
Acacia pravissima (Oven’s Wattle, Wedge-leaf Wattle, Tumut Wattle)
Acacia pritzeliana
Acacia profusa
Acacia prominens (Gosford Wattle, Golden Rain Wattle, Grey Sally)
Acacia provincialis
Acacia pruinocarpa (Black Gidgee, Gidgee, Twau)
Acacia pubicosta
Acacia pulviniformis
Acacia puncticulata
Acacia purpureopetala
Acacia pusilla
Acacia pustula
Acacia pycnantha (Australian Golden Wattle, Broad-leaved Wattle)
Acacia pycnocephala
Acacia pygmaea
Acacia pyrifolia (Kanji Bush)
Acacia pyrifolia var. morrisonii
Acacia pyrifolia var. pyrifolia
Acacia quadrilateralis
Acacia quadrisulcata
Acacia quinquenervia
Acacia quornensis (Quorn Wattle)
Acacia rendlei
Acacia resinicostata
Acacia retinodes (Retinodes Water Wattle, Swamp Wattle, Wirilda, Ever-blooming Wattle, Silver Wattle)
Acacia retinodes var. retinodes
Acacia retinodes var. uncifolia
Acacia retrorsa
Acacia rhamphophylla
Acacia rhetinocarpa
Acacia rigida
Acacia rivalis (Creek Wattle, Silver Wattle)
Acacia robeorum
Acacia robiniae (Robin’s Wattle)
Acacia rossei
Acacia rostellata
Acacia rostellifera (Summer-scented Wattle)
Acacia rostriformis (Bacchus Marsh Wattle)
Acacia rubida (Red-stem Wattle, Red-leaf Wattle)
Acacia rubricola
Acacia rupicola
Acacia ruppii (Rupp’s Wattle)
Acacia ryaniana
Acacia sabulosa
Acacia saliciformis
Acacia salicina (Willow Acacia, Broughton Willow, Cooba, Willow Wattle, Native Wattle, Doolan)
Acacia saligna (Orange Wattle, Golden Wreath Wattle, Blue-leafed Wattle, Western Australian Golden Wattle, Port Jackson, Willow Wattle)
Acacia saxatilis
Acacia saxicola
Acacia scabra
Acacia scalena
Acacia scalpelliformis
Acacia scirpifolia
Acacia scleroclada
Acacia sclerosperma
Acacia sclerosperma subsp. glaucescens (Billy Blue)
Acacia sclerosperma subsp. sclerosperma
Acacia sedifolia
Acacia sedifolia subsp. pulvinata
Acacia sedifolia subsp. sedifolia
Acacia semiaurea
Acacia semibinervia
Acacia semicircinalis
Acacia semilunata
Acacia semirigida
Acacia semitrullata
Acacia sericocarpa
Acacia serpentinicola
Acacia sertiformis
Acacia sessilis
Acacia shuttleworthii
Acacia siculiformis (Dagger Wattle)
Acacia simmonsiana (Simmon’s Wattle)
Acacia simulans (Barrens Kindred Wattle)
Acacia sorophylla
Acacia spathulifolia
Acacia sphacelata
Acacia sphacelata subsp. recurva
Acacia sphacelata subsp. sphacelata
Acacia sphacelata subsp. verticillata
Acacia sphenophylla
Acacia spilleriana
Acacia spinosissima
Acacia splendens
Acacia spooneri
Acacia sporadica
Acacia squamata
Acacia startii
Acacia steedmanii
Acacia steedmanii subsp. borealis
Acacia steedmanii subsp. steedmanii
Acacia stictophylla
Acacia stricta (Hop Wattle)
Acacia strongylophylla (Round-leaf Wattle)
Acacia suaveolens (Sweet Wattle, Sweet-scented Wattle)
Acacia subcaerulea (Blue-barked Acacia)
Acacia subrigida
Acacia subtiliformis
Acacia subulata (Awl-leaf Wattle)
Acacia synchronicia
Acacia tabula
Acacia telmica
Acacia teretifolia
Acacia tetragonophylla (Dead Finish, Kurara, Curara)
Acacia tetraptera
Acacia tindaleae (Golden-top Wattle, Crowned Wattle)
Acacia toondulya
Acacia torringtonensis
Acacia triquetra
Acacia truculenta
Acacia trudgeniana
Acacia truncata
Acacia tuberculata
Acacia tysonii (Tyson’s Wattle)
Acacia ulicifolia (Prickly Moses, Juniper Wattle)
Acacia ulicina
Acacia uliginosa
Acacia uncifera
Acacia uncifolia (Coast Wirilda)
Acacia uncinata
Acacia undulifolia
Acacia unifissilis
Acacia urophylla (Pointed-leaved Acacia, Tail-leaved Acacia)
Acacia validinervia (Alumaru, Nyalanyalara)
Acacia vassalii
Acacia verniciflua (Varnish Wattle)
Acacia vestita (Hairy Wattle, Weeping Boree)
Acacia victoriae (Acacia Bush, Bohemia, Bramble Wattle, Elegant Wattle, Narran, Gundabluey, Prickly Wattle)
Acacia victoriae subsp. arida
Acacia victoriae subsp. fasciaria
Acacia victoriae subsp. victoriae
Acacia walkeri
Acacia wardellii
Acacia wattsiana (Watt’s Wattle, Dog Wattle)
Acacia wilcoxii
Acacia williamsonii (Whirrakee Wattle)
Acacia wiseana
Acacia xanthina (White-stemmed Wattle)
Acacia xerophila
Acacia xerophila var. brevior
Acacia xerophila var. xerophila

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