Various Trichocereus species cuttings, rooting

List of Trichocereus Species (Echinopsis)

Here’s the first version of our work-in-progress list of Trichocereus species, which we intend to greatly expand over time.

Feel free to contribute by telling us if we’ve missed a proper species (no nomen nudums, varieties or other informal titles please) that you know of, included erroneous information, etc.

An A-Z List of Trichocereus Species

Trichocereus andalgalensis (Echinopsis andalgalensis)
Trichocereus arboricola (Echinopsis arboricola)
Trichocereus atacamensis

Trichocereus bertramineus
Trichocereus bridgesii (Echinopsis lageniformis)

Trichocereus camarguensis (Echinopsis camarguensis)
Trichocereus candicans (Echinopsis candicans, Trichocereus gladiatus)
Trichocereus chalaensis (Echinopsis chalaensis)
Trichocereus chilensis (Echinopsis chiloensis)
Trichocereus cuzcoensis (Echinopsis cuzcoensis)

Trichocereus deserticola (Echinopsis fulvilana)

Trichocereus glaucus (Echinopsis glauca)
Trichocereus grandiflorus (Echinopsis grandiflora)

Trichocereus huanucoensis
Trichocereus huascha

Trichocereus knuthianus (Echinopsis knuthiana)

Trichocereus macrogonus (Echinopsis macrogona)

Trichocereus pachanoi (Echinopsis pachanoi)
Trichocereus pallarensis
Trichocereus pasacana (Echinopsis atacamensis)
Trichocereus peruvianus (Echinopsis peruviana)
Trichocereus puquiensis
Trichocereus purpureopilosus (Echinopsis purpureopilosa)

Trichocereus riomizquensis

Trichocereus santaensis (Echinopsis santaensis)
Trichocereus schickendantzii
Trichocereus schoenii (Echinopsis schoenii)
Trichocereus scopulicola (Echinopsis scopulicola)
Trichocereus shaferi (Echinopsis shaferi)
Trichocereus spachianus (Echinopsis spachiana, Trichocereus santiaguensis)
Trichocereus strigosus (Echinopsis strigosa)

Trichocereus tacaquirensis
Trichocereus taquimbalensis
Trichocereus tarijensis (Echinopsis tarijensis)
Trichocereus tarmaensis
Trichocereus terscheckii
Trichocereus thelegonus (Echinopsis thelegona)
Trichocereus tulhuayacensis

Trichocereus validus
Trichocereus vatteri
Trichocereus vollianus

Trichocereus weberbauerocereus
Trichocereus werdermannianus

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