Recommended Magazines

We’ve recently started taking most of our regular magazine subscriptions in their digital formats instead. We’ve found this way of reading to be so much handier to refer to a massive collection when it’s digitised!

Anyway, here’s a few of our recommended magazines relevant to gardening and other forms of horticulture – from tips on how to grow organically to focusing on your kitchen garden, you’ll find something to interest you in this brief collection.

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Your New Favourite Reading Material?

Amateur Gardening magazineAmateur Gardening magazine

We think that Amateur Gardening is a great resource (as well as inspiration!), published in print and digital editions for fifty-one weeks out of every year.

Catering for an audience covering the whole spectrum of abilities, each issue we’ve read has been absolutely stuffed full of useful advice, features and simple to follow guides on the cultivation of pretty much every commonly-grown type of plant – including flowers, fruits, shrubs, trees and vegetables.

Each issue also comes with regular advice and opinion from some rather well-known horticulturalists, such as Anne Swithinbank, Bob Flowerdew, Jo Whittingham, Peter Seabrook and Toby Buckland. A great read, with the occasional gift thrown in too!

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Gardener's World magazineBBC Gardener’s World magazine

The best-selling gardening magazine in the UK for good reason, BBC Gardener’s World is a particularly high-quality popular gardening magazine, published monthly in both digital and print editions.

A companion to the long-running popular BBC series, Gardener’s World truly caters to every ability – whether you’re a novice gardener or a keenly-dedicated enthusiast – and the magazine features regular contributions from a multitude of gardening world celebrities, including Alan Titchmarsh, Carole Klein, Monty Don and Rachel de Thame.

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Garden Answers magazineGarden Answers magazine

Garden Answers is another good magazine to read if you consider yourself a true gardening enthusiast!

Each of it’s thirteen print and digital issues a year are packed with enough practical advice and knowledge to help you design and maintain any type of home garden, whether you’re growing ornamentals or for food.

We like this one as its got a lot of inspiring features as well as more basic, day-to-day advice such as tricks to save time and money without cutting corners. Further, there’s some great regular columns, including a buyers’ guide to help you choose equipment, furniture and tools, and advice on attracting and supporting birds, insects, mammals and other wildlife in your garden (we absolutely love this part of the magazine!). And Garden Answers is another magazine that sometimes gives away free seed and such, bonus!

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Garden News magazineGarden News

Another magazine that occasionally comes with free gifts (have you noticed that we like those a lot?!), Garden News puts out fifty-one weekly issues a year, in both print and digital formats.

Coming from a more down-to-earth angle than many of its competitors, Garden News is full of useful expert guides, choice practical tips, advice and suggestions.

As you’d expect from the magazine’s title, it also features the latest news, new plants and products – plus some handy special offers and other promotions to help you save money! An enjoyable publication for the dedicated home horticulturalist.

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Good Organic Gardening magazineGood Organic Gardening magazine

A smaller and much newer publication than those listed above, Good Organic Gardening does exactly what it says on the tin, with its six issues a year released in a digital-edition-only.

Self-proclaimed as “100% real, organic and unashamedly earthy”, this engagingly worthy magazine focuses on the organic side of gardening (and life in general), featuring sensible advice on productively growing your own fruit and vegetables in harmony with nature.

We’re looking forward to seeing how Good Organic Gardening matures as it gains a wider audience – it’s certainly off to an impressive start!

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Grow Your Own magazineGrow Your Own magazine

Publishing twelve print and digital editions a year, Grow Your Own is an impressively put together periodical that’s aimed at both amateur and experienced gardeners, with a focus on growing fruits and vegetable at home or on your allotment.

The title prides itself on featuring everything from the latest to older, tried and trusted, gardening techniques, improving your yields and letting you get on with growing and eating your edibles! Other highlights include advice and opinion from everyone from Anne Swithinbank to the Royal Horticultural Society, as well as some cool competitions where you can win anything from seeds to a posh greenhouse.

Offering a wealth of practical instruction on achieving self-sufficiency, Grow Your Own is published twelve times a year in both print and digital formats. A good value and informative read.

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Home Farmer magazineHome Farmer magazine

More specialist than most of the magazines reviewed here, Home Farmer publishes twelve digital issues a year. Produced independently by a husband and wife team, it showcases their obvious passion and enthusiasm for everything home-farming related, celebrating the practice and its associated lifestyle.

Although visibly less professional in design than some publications, Home Farmer undeniable covers its subject well, with lots of detailed information on things like growing your own food, raising poultry and other smaller livestock, DIY around the farmstead and loads more. One to watch if – like us – you’re dreaming of the Good Life!

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Kitchen Garden magazineKitchen Garden magazine

Like Home Farmer, Kitchen Garden is another (slightly) more specialist magazine than the others featured here, distributing twelve issues in both digital and print formats a year. A well-established title, Kitchen Garden aims itself squarely at the popular gardening market, helping readers of all skill levels to improve their theoretical and practical herb, fruit and vegetable-growing knowledge.

Apart from lots of entertaining and informative content, Kitchen Garden features a detailed regular Kitchen Garden Buying Guide, plus some enticing special offers and discounts to help you save money at various name-brand gardening shops and suppliers – and there’s competitions too! We also enjoy the special Reader’s Garden features, when the Kitchen Garden team visit with some keen amateur gardeners to share the secrets of their growing and harvesting success.

A top read – take a look and you could soon be reaping the benefits of your own kitchen garden too!

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So, there you have it – a few of our favourite gardening magazines! Know of a good one we’ve missed? Please let us know!

In the interests of fair play, please note that any purchases you make via some of the external links on the pages listed here may garner Arkham’s Botanical a small commission.

Rest assured this is a good thing (in our opinion anyway!), as any such commissions are donated in their entirety to our plan to establish a shamanic plant repository for the community.