'Fern Gully' is a good plant-related movie for children

Recommended Plant-related Movies for Children

As we recently published a list of some suggested plant-related movies for adults (mostly suitable for older teenagers too), we thought it only fair to compile this short list of plant-related movies for children too.

While the titles below are in general aimed at a younger audience, there’s enough in each of them to keep the interest of most adults too, should they end up watching – either alongside children or alone as a guilty pleasure! Let us know if there are any good plant-related movies for children which we’ve missed and we’ll expand this list as necessary.

Recommended Plant-related Movies for Kids

‘Bee Movie’ (2007)
An animated film about a bee who decides to sue the human race because of their exploitation of bees! This one’s particularly cool as it provides some basic education on the subject of bees and their place in the ecosystem.

Co-written by and starring (the voice of) Jerry Seinfeld, other actors lending their vocal talents to the cast include Chris Rock, John Goodman, Kathy Bates, Matthew Broderick, Oprah Winfrey, Ray Liotta, Renée Zellweger, Rip Torn and Sting.

‘FernGully: The Last Rainforest’ (1992)
An animated environmental disaster movie for kids – and a classic one at that. The plot features a human who is shrunk down to the same size as the magical creatures who live in the rainforest he’s helping to destroy. The kindly creatures are battling to save their home from not only humans building a road, but also a malignant polluting force named Hexxus!

Another enjoyable production with an impressive and varied cast, including Cheech Marin, Christian Slater, Robin Williams, Samantha Mathis, Tim Curry, Tommy Chong and Tone Loc. This movie spawned several sequels of variable quality.

‘The Lorax’ (2012)
Based on the marvellously bizarre work of children’s author Dr. Seuss, ‘The Lorax’ (aka ‘Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax’) is an impressively 3D-animated musical fantasy with an environmental message (although this is admittedly sometimes lost under all the gloss and production blare), based on the titular book.

Using the original material as a jumping off point, directors Chris Renaud (‘Despicable Me’) and Kyle Balda (‘Minions’) – supported by cast members including Danny DeVito and Zac Efron – weave a magical tale which starts with a twelve-year-old boy, living in an entirely artificial city, who longs to see a real tree for himself…

‘Moana’ (2016)
OK, so we must admit that we normally avoid any Disney films made in the past twenty or thirty years, but we couldn’t help enjoying this one when we saw it while visiting friends! Young Moana (the only daughter of the chief of a long line of navigators) discovers that a demigod named Maui has enacted a terrible curse that begins to threaten the local ecosystem. Learning of this, the plucky youngster decides to voyage on a quest across the Pacific Ocean, in an effort to persuade Maui to reverse the curse.

Based loosely (we imagine with much creative license) on tales from Polynesian culture, ‘Moana’ is not only spirited, but also incredibly beautiful visually, with the lushly detailed animation really immersing the viewer and remains fairly captivating throughout. Lead performances from Auli’i Cravalho and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (still running from his WWF label but remaining a fairly likeable actor), accompanied by our personal favourite Jemaine Clement (‘What They Do in the Shadows’) mean this is pretty entertaining for adults as well as children and we think it rises above the standard Disney formula of animated comedy adventure (with a few songs sprinkled in for good luck).

‘The Secret Garden’ (1993)
Based on Francis Hodgson Burnett’s Victorian children’s tale, ‘The Secret Garden’ is a touching fantasy drama starring Maggie Smith, directed by Agnieszka Holland from a screenplay by Caroline Thompson (‘Edward Scissorhands’). Packed off to England after living in India since birth, a young orphan, isolated in her new surroundings, comes across a wonderful secret garden…

We hope you enjoyed our list of plant-related movies for children!