Here’s a bit about what we do to attempt a semblance of sustainability in our work…

Everyone who’s reading this should be well aware by now of the importance of environmental sustainability, so we’ll try not to come across as too preachy. Simply, if you’re not doing what you can to reduce your footprint on the Earth, you probably shouldn’t be on it!Our sustainability statement

Arkham’s Botanical strives always to use sustainable and recycled organic materials in all that we do as a business. When it comes to our environment, less is more, so we try to use the minimum practical quantities of electricity, water, organic fertilisers, packaging and other consumables to get the job done.

Our aim is to do our small part to spread knowledge, seeds and plants with which to cultivate and propagate, thereby helping to protect and popularise important and endangered species, encouraging genetic diversity. In collaboration with the NFF, we are working toward establishing a dedicated ethnobotanical repository in Cataluña, Spain. You can read more about where we’re at on that here. We’ve also started the ‘Grow Cacti’ and ‘Grow Acacia’ campaigns in an attempt to help spread the word on these rewarding plants.

Moreover, all of our seed and plants are ethically-sourced, which means that we don’t buy or sell any plant material which has been obtained in a disrespectful or unsustainable manner.

One more thing: unfortunately, given the origins of much of our seed, it’s unavoidable that we must both send and receive orders via airmail. Because of this, when we buy in stock we always combine it into bulk shipments where possible, as if everyone did this there would certainly be a few less long-distance flights going on!

The Arkham’s Botanical sustainability policy will be updated from time to time as we continually improve our environmental responsibility policies, please check back here if you’re interested…