Here you can see all of the (non-cacti) succulent plant species which we sell in our store. We’ve listed the Cactaceae in their own, separate, section, as – while almost all of the cactus species are succulents – all succulents are not cacti! Further, there are several other families comprising mostly succulents (e.g. the Aizoaceae and Crassulaceae) and more than twenty-five others possessing at least one.

In a general sense, succulents are drought-resistant plants with parts which have become unusually fleshy by virtue of their development of water-storing tissue. This is (usually) to retain water when growing in arid habitats. Highly popular globally as ornamental plants due to their strikingly attractive growth and adaptability, this type of plant is generally quite low-maintenance. However, (as with the cacti species) be careful not to over water them, or else you’ll soon discover that they have an unfortunate tendency to rot! Pay attention to their needs and you should be enjoying your plants for many years to come.

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