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Here’s your chance to pre-order selected products which we expect to be back in stock within a maximum of one calendar month. These might include anything from rarely available Acacia, Desmanthus, Lophophora, Mimosa, Phalaris, Psychotria or Trichocereus species and varieties to even more obscure species of ethnobotanical interest and much (much) more, so we advise checking back regularly!

All pre-orders (and any accompanying items purchased in the same order) will be shipped to you within 28 days of your order. Unlike many pre-order promotions (where the vendor just wants to gauge numbers before buying more stock), we offer a ‘No Risk’ service – all the products we offer for pre-order are already en route to us from our suppliers! In the unlikely event that there be any unavoidable delay at our end, we’ll let you know as soon as possible, giving you the choice of either a full refund or of waiting until our new stock arrives.

🙂 One more thing: as a small thank you for trusting us to deliver, all pre-order products are priced with a 5% discount from their usual price in our shop!

Don’t be put off if whatever you’re after isn’t available for ordering in advance (we don’t list even half of the products for which we’re currently awaiting delivery) and do also feel free to email us with any special requests. Tired of missing out on rare species, hybrids, varieties and other popular or limited products? Bookmark this page!

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