Opuntia - 'Prickly Pear' - in flower

13/11/18 – Shedloads of listings & resources added!

Hi all…

This is only a brief post to let you know about all the new resources, product listings and other content we’ve recently added to the site. You may have noticed some of the following while browsing the site – we hope you find it useful and that we might perhaps be able to help you out with some plants or some seed too!

New products in our store

Seeds: Atropa belladonna (‘Deadly Nightshade’) | Desmanthus leptolobus (‘Prairie Bundleflower’) | Ephedra fragilis (‘Join Pine’) | Ephedra sinica (‘Ma Huang’) | Hypericum hirsutum (‘Hairy St John’s Wort’) | Hypericum perforatum (‘Perforate St John’s Wort’) | Hypericum tetrapterum (‘Square-stalked St John’s Wort’) | Papaver somniferum ‘Asian Smooth Pod’ (‘Opium Poppy’) | Papaver somniferum ‘Sokol’ (‘Opium Poppy’) | Papaver somniferum ‘Hungarian Blue’ (‘Opium Poppy’) | Verbascum nigrum (‘Dark Mullein’)

Sundries: Plastic Plant Pot T-Labels (available in red or white) | Screwtop Amber Glass Bottles

Special Offers: ‘Nexus’ Acacia Seed Mega-bundle | Lophophora williamsii Varieties Bundle | Papaver somniferum Lucky Dip Mix

New resources added to the site

A Gallery of Cactus Flowers | Acacia Species Image Gallery | How to Grow Hyoscyamus niger (‘Henbane’) | How to Grow St John’s Wort | How to Mail Plant Cuttings | How to Salvage a Rotten Cactus | List of Salvia divinorum Clones