Ascophyllum nodosum | ‘Kelp Powder’ | Dried seaweed


High quality powdered kelp makes a great organic fertiliser! 100g.

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Ascophyllum nodosum | ‘Kelp Powder’ | 100g dried seaweed

This ‘Kelp powder’ is a great all-round organic fertiliser and nutritious and flavoursome food additive too, made from dried Ascophyllum nodosum. An easily cultivated seaweed of the order Laminariaceae, nodosum is more commonly known by informal names such as ‘Algue Brune’, ‘Brown Seaweed’, ‘Dashima’, ‘Hai Dai’, ‘Kelp’, ‘Kombu’, ‘Kun Bu’, ‘Laminaire Digitée’, ‘Limu’, ‘Makombu’, ‘Sea Girdles’ and ‘Sweet Kombu’.

Ascophyllum nodosum – a native of Japan plants each form a single tapering, irregularly-edged blade, up to ten metres long and dark brown-olive-gold in colour. Ascophyllum is the only member of its genus and is commercially cultivated on a wide scale for sale to the culinary, horticultural and traditional medicine trades.

This high quality kelp powder will last for two years or more, provided it’s kept at an ambient temperature in an airtight container. Give your plants an organic treat!

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