Banisteriopsis muricata ‘Shuar’ | ‘Red Yagé’ | Vine


Top-quality ‘Red Yagé’ grown by the Shuar in Ecuador. 2018 harvest – dried vine.

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Banisteriopsis muricata ‘Shuar’ | ‘Red Yagé’ | Dried vine

We’re rather happy to stocking this organically and sustainably grown, fair trade Banisteriopsis muricata ‘Shuar’ vine from Ecuador, harvested in 2018. A minimum of ten new vines were planted for each of those taken in the harvest and it’s another of our UK exclusives!

Banisteriopsis muricata is a South American liana of the Malpighiaceae which has reportedly been used in traditional Amazonian indigenous medicine for several hundreds – if not thousands – of years. Muricata is commonly known by a variety of names, including ‘Ayahuasca’, ‘Ayahuasca de los Brujos’, ‘Daime’, ‘Hoasca’, ‘Natema’, ‘Red Ayahuasca’, ‘Red Vine’ and ‘Red Yagé’.

Native to the rainforests of Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, the vine is drought and frost sensitive, thriving in moist, humus-rich soil in part shade to full sun in warm tropical to semi-tropical climates. Close relatives of this magnificent Amazonian species include Banisteriopsis caapi and Banisteriopsis membranifolia. Structurally, muricata is quite similar to caapi, although differs in the pattern of the vine (exposed by cutting across its diameter) and in the (silver-haired) leaves’ broader shape and smaller size. Those in the know report that caapi and muricata can be further distinguished by the specific species of ant resident on a particular plant – each of them plays host to a different type.

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