Hypericum perforatum | ‘St John’s Wort’ | Dried plant


High-quality, organic ‘St John’s Wort’ from the UK. 100g dried plant.

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Hypericum perforatum | ‘St. John’s Wort’ | 100g dried plant

Organic, high quality dried ‘St. John’s Wort’. Native to Asia and Europe, Hypericum perforatum is a flowering herbaceous perennial, considered to be the “true” ‘St John’s Wort’ (as the name is also applied to several other related species). Consequently, perforatum is also often called ‘Common St John’s Wort’ or ‘Perforate St John’s Wort’, with less popular names for the species including ‘Chase-devil’, ‘Goatweed’, ‘Klamath Weed’, ‘Rosin Rose’ and ‘Tipton’s Weed’.

A reddish-coloured grassland plant that grows up to around one-metre-tall in USDA Hardiness Zones 4-8, perforatum‘s hairless stem produces clustered branches from which sprout narrow, oblong and stalkless leaves roughly one to two centimetres in length. These leaves are yellow to green and marked by translucent glandular dots which can be clearly observed by holding one up to the light – the inspiration for the species’ botanical name. As with the majority of the ‘St John’s Wort’ complex, ‘St John’s Wort’ forms wonderfully golden-butter-yellow flowers, roughly two and a half centimetres wide and comprising five black-dotted petals. Blooming between late spring and mid-summer, these flowers can be very similar in appearance to those of related species, such as Hypericum hirsutum (‘Hairy St John’s Wort’).

‘St John’s Wort’ prefers well-drained, sandy/calcareous soils, although has a naturally wide range, including fields and meadows, hedges, pastures, roadsides and woodland. Provided it’s growing at less than one thousand five hundred metres, rainfall is less than 500mm and the average temperature is at least 24°C, perforatum seems quite happy almost anywhere! In fact, its rhizomes can spread so effectively that many countries consider it as a noxious weed. Nevertheless, many other cultures around the world have historically seen value in the species, which has been used for many years by indigenous herbalists. At the present time, perforatum is grown commercially in parts of Europe.

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