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A nice proposed Lophophora species from Viesca, Mexico. 25 seeds.

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Lophophora fricii | ‘False Peyote’ | 25 seeds

Lophophora fricii – commonly called the ‘False Peyote’ – is an interesting proposed species which is closely related to Lophophora williamsii. Common synonyms for this cactus include Lophophora diffusa subsp. fricii and Lophophora williamsii var. fricii.

Native to Coahuila state, Mexico, fricii has so far been discovered at only four locations – all of them around a lagoon near the town of Viesca. This rather variable species is named after celebrated Czech cactus grower Alberto Vojtech Fric – the first European to bring it back from Mexico (naming it Anhalonium sp. fl. Rosea Fric), after discovering it growing near San Pedro, Coahuila, in 1923.

Growth-wise, fricii is a solitary or clustering, spineless and globular cactus which is quite similar in appearance to its relative Lophophora williamsii. Growing from a large tap root, fricii’s stem/body reaches up to approximately fifteen centimetres in diameter and is coloured a pale grey to yellow-green. Notably (as with the closely related Lophophora diffusa), the plant’s numerous stems are often lacking in definition. The species produces attractive whitish-pink-red flowers (most commonly a pale to dark pink) which average around four centimetres across. A white-flowered, green-yellow-skinned variety is also known; Lophophora fricii forma albiflora.

As mentioned above, Lophophora fricii’s natural habitat covers a fairly small range around the Viesca Basin in Coahuila. It’s been found growing in one area near El Amparo, one area of the Sierra de Parras, two areas of the Sierra El Marmol and one area of the Sierra Zavaleta. The ‘False Peyote’ has so far been found growing in two quite distinct habitats: limestone slopes, mountains and ravines, and clay-type plains (alongside agave, mesquite and scrub).

In common with the other Lophophora species, Lophophora fricii is quite easy to grow from seed, with a little effort and much patience. Use a fast-draining and mineral-based soil/sand mix, fertilising twice a year once the plants are established. The species is sensitive to stagnant water and requires moderate watering only once the soil is completely dry.

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