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Lophophora Lucky Dip (Mixed Species) | Seeds


Another Arkham's Botanical UK Exclusive!

A Lucky Dip of mixed Lophophora cactus species and varieties! Seeds.

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Lophophora Lucky Dip (Mixed Species & Varieties) | Seeds

Another of our fabulous UK exclusives… this one’s a mystery mix Lophophora Lucky Dip, comprising several different desirable Lophophora species and varieties from Mexico and the USA! Here’s a good and speedy way to expand your Lophophora species collection on a budget…

Lophophora is a genus of small, slow-growing cacti. Dark-green and spineless, these button-like plants are native to Mexico and parts of Texas and central to north-eastern Mexico. Occurring among scrub – especially in limestone habitats, clusters of Lophophora species (for example, Lophophora williamsii – ‘Peyote’) can reach up to roughly fifteen centimetres in height and even metres wide!

Your Lophophora Lucky Dip could include these species/proposed species/varieties (plus others):

  • Lophophora alberto-vojtechii
  • Lophophora diffusa (‘False Peyote’)
  • Lophophora fricii
  • Lophophora koehresii
  • Lophophora williamsii (‘Peyote’, ‘Peyōtl’)
  • Lophophora williamsii var. caespitosa
  • Lophophora williamsii var. decipiens
  • Lophophora williamsii var. jourdaniana
  • Lophophora williamsii var. pentagona
  • Lophophora williamsii var. texana

Easy but a little slow to cultivate from seed. Go very easy on the water (the various species are all quite drought-tolerant) and give them some full sun to partial shade and you should end up with some cute one-centimetre-ish plants within six months to a year…

All the seed sold by Arkham’s Botanical was freshly and ethically sourced in 2018-2019


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