Lophophora williamsii ‘Caespitosa’ | ‘Peyote’ | Rooted plant


Limited stocks of Lophophora williamsii var. caespitosa, grown from seed in the Spanish sun. ~3-5cm rooted plants.

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Lophophora williamsii ‘Caespitosa’ | ‘Peyote’ | ~3-5cm rooted plant

We’re extremely pleased to make these fantastic ~3-5cm rooted Lophophora williamsii var. caespitosa plants available! Grown organically from seed in the Spanish sun, without the use of any chemicals or pesticides, this is another of our UK exclusives.

Lophophora williamsii ‘Caespitosa’ is a popular clumping variety of our old favourite the ‘Peyote’ cactus, forming beautiful multi-buttoned plants. Although this kind of growth habit is a commonly-encountered common side-effect when grafting several of the Lophophora (and a few other) species, ‘Caespitosa’ forms so-called ‘planchas’ – large mounds of pups up to a metre or so across. This kind of incredibly prolific growth occurs in some related species too.

Japanese cactus growers call this type of ‘Peyote’ growth ‘Kobuki-ubadama’. The experts are still debating whether it’s technically a form (most currently say “Yes”) or a distinct variety of the species. Nevertheless, it’s certainly a highly rewarding plant to grow!

A small, dark-green and spineless cactus, Lophophora williamsii is a native of Mexico and south-western Texas, occurring primarily in in limestone scrub in the Chihuahuan desert and in the states of Coahuila, Nuevo León, San Luis Potosi and Tamaulipas. Reaching around fifteen centimetres in height, the species is drought-tolerant and prefers full sun to partial shade.

The informal name ‘Peyote’ derives from the Spanish, which in turn comes from the Nahuatl name ‘Peyōtl’ (from a root meaning “glisten” or “glistening”). Williamsii has enjoyed a long relationship with humans (five and a half thousand years and counting!), notably as part of the medicinal and ritualistic traditions of the indigenous Americans.

A must for any serious cactus collector’s garden!

Grown organically from seed in the Spanish sunshine!

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