Maihueniopsis subterranea ‘Incahuasi’ (syn. Puna incahuasii) | Rooted plant


Formerly known as Puna incahuasii, these are lovely rooted plants!

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Maihueniopsis subterranea ‘Incahuasi’ (syn. Puna incahuasii) | Rooted plant

Check out these gorgeous Maihueniopsis subterranea ‘Incahuasi’ rooted cacti! Formerly known as Puna incahuasii, this variety is also synonymous with Cumulopuntia subterranea, Opuntia subterranea, Pseudotephrocactus subterraneus, Puna subterranea, Tephrocactus pulcherrimus, Tephrocactus subterraneus and Tephrocactus variflorus.

A relatively rare species originating from Argentina and Bolivia, subterranea is a small but perfectly-formed cactus, growing from long, thick tuberous roots and forming patches of spiny, globular pups up to roughly fifteen centimetres tall (above the ground). Petite, attractive flowers range in colour from yellow-pink-red-mauve-brown.

Occurring naturally in USDA Hardiness Zones 10-11, this cactus species is quite easily grown indoors for part or all of the year in more temperate climates. Start from seed or stem cutting in mildly acidic to mildly alkaline soil, spacing the plants a minimum of twenty or thirty centimetres apart so that they have ample room to reach their mature size. Place somewhere in full sun to partial shade and water sparingly as the plant starts to look dry (and only when the surface of the soil is completely dry to the touch).

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