Trichocereus Lucky Dip B (Mixed Species) | Seeds


Our latest Trichocereus Lucky Dip is another fantastic chance to grow a variety of cool species for one low price!

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Trichocereus Lucky Dip B (Mixed Species) | 25 seeds

If you’re into the wider Trichocereus genus, check out this Trichocereus Lucky Dip while you can – a great opportunity to add a variety of interesting Peruvian Trichocereus species to your collection, without breaking the bank. Collected in-country by one of the world’s foremost cactus experts!

Now officially folded into the larger South American genus Echinopsis, the various (mostly) columnar cacti of the Trichocereus genus are native to Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador,  Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. Quite easy to grow from seed either indoors or outdoors, they prefer well-drained soil (ideally incorporating gravel or sand) and often occur naturally growing in rocky crevices on the sides of hills.

We also sell another Trichocereus species Lucky Dip too – why not mix it up a little?

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