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‘Icaros DNA’ is the source of some rather pure (non-cuzcoensis) Trichocereus peruvianus! Seeds.

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Trichocereus peruvianus ‘Icaros DNA’ | ‘Blue Torch’, ‘Peruvian Torch’, ‘Matacuna’ | Seed

Well-loved by the global cactus community for over a decade now, ‘Icaros DNA’ is an extremely reputable seed source based in Peru, who are especially respected for their high-quality and ethically-harvested Trichocereus peruvianus. Icaros collect their seed ethically and renewably from Matacuna in Peru – a region long-considered to possess the “truest” (non-cuzcoensis!) peruvianus genetics.

Collected two and a half thousand metres above sea level, these quality ‘Icaros DNA’ seeds will grow into truly incredible cacti, forming glaucous dark blue-green coloured columns up to six metres tall, with strong dark-red to dark-brown spines that grow somewhat longer than those of the closely-related pachanoi.

An attractive columnar cactus originating from Peru, Trichocereus peruvianus (sister to the famous ‘San Pedro’, or Trichocereus pachanoi, and ‘Bolivian Torch’, or Trichocereus bridgesii) is often confused with the related species Trichocereus cuzcoensis and Trichocereus macrogonus. However, we guarantee this listing is for a “true” type – you only have to check out the amazing mother plant in the photo to see that!

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7 reviews for Trichocereus peruvianus ‘Icaros DNA’ | Seeds

  1. Anonymous

    7/25 germ rate

  2. William O.

    20/25 germinated fairly quickly. Growing well.


    This is a classic regional with a great reputation and history–I’m glad you had it available and I’m very anxious to plantr these this winter – thank you!

    • Arkham’s

      🙂 Good luck with your grow, in time you should get some lovely plants from these!

  4. Fabian

    Got a bonus on top of them! They’re planted now & I’m impatiently waiting for germination…
    Cannot wait to have some of this renowned Peruvianus myself 🙂

    • Arkham’s

      🙂 Good luck, this seed usually produces some wonderful examples of the species!

  5. Anonymous

    Great value! thanks

    • Arkham’s

      🙂 Thanks for the feedback!

  6. Ralph

    As above waiting for spring.

  7. Ron J.

    Background: I am a member of the British Cactus Society who has grown rather a lot of different species in my time and who become interested in the Trichocereus/Echinopsis intergrade a few years ago. This was my first purchase from Arkham’s Botanical shop and I have been highly impressed! Having spent some time deciding which of the many types of Trichocereus hybrid seed I should buy, I finally settled on 25 seeds each of the (Trichocereus scopulicola x T. bridgesii ‘Tig’) x T. scopulicola and the T. peruvianus ‘Icaros DNA’. I got a little overexcited and ended up choosing a T. terscheckii plant too!

    Experience: Using my Paypal account to make payment, I found the whole ordering process to be quite easy and liked the fact I was only asked for the PII essential to completing my order (and that I wasn’t automatically “opted-in” for any sales blather). Another plus was that my items qualified for a free postage and handling upgrade. All good so far!

    The goods: I ordered on a Wednesday and my package arrived on Friday. It came well packed and without any mishaps from Royal Mail and the items were in good condition and as expected. They included my invoice, a sticker (which I’m a bit old for at 62) and some free T. pachanoi seed (which I’m never too old for). I sowed the seeds as per my usual method in small containers
    (that’s several weeks ago now) and would say I’ve achieved something like 75% germination, which I am very happy with! The terscheckii cactus is doing well in my conservatory with my other plants, so I am one very satisfied customer and expect to give Arkham’s Botanical more custom again soon. 10/10!

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