Trichocereus spachianus | ‘Golden Torch’ | Seeds


A fantastic Argentinian cactus species which makes for great grafting stock! 25 seeds.

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Trichocereus spachianus | ‘Golden Torch’, ‘White Torch’ | 25 seeds

Trichocereus spachianus (syn. Cereus santiaguensis, Cereus spachianus, Echinocereus spachianus, Echinopsis santiaguensis, Echinopsis spachiana, Soehrensia spachiana, Trichocereus manguinii, Trichocereus santiaguensis, Trichocereus shaferi, Trichocereus spachianoides and Trichocereus trichosus) is a columnar cactus species which is native to Argentina. It’s often informally known as ‘Golden Column’, ‘Golden Torch’, ‘Torch Cactus’ and ‘White Torch’.

Spachianus is light to dark green in colour, forming cylindrical stems from its base which reach up to approximately two metres tall by roughly six or seven centimetres in diameter, dotted with grey-brown-red-yellow spines which can reach up to two or three centimetres in length. Impressive, white to whitish flowers – up to roughly twenty centimetres in diameter – bloom at night (although often stay open for at least part of the next day), between late spring and early autumn.

This is a popular species for ornamental cultivation and both cristata and variegated forms of this species are sometimes available on the collector’s market; Trichocereus spachianus f. cristata and Trichocereus spachianus f. variegata. There are also several commercial hybrids involving this plant and it’s commonly used as a grafting stock for other, slower-growing cactus species too.

These seeds are very easy to germinate and grow in USDA Hardiness Zones 9-11, their main requirements being a free-draining soil mix and sufficient water, light and nutrients. Start ‘Golden Torch’ seeds using a ‘Takeaway Tek’ or similar method for best results in most climates (we’ve a couple of relevant guides in our cultivation section). Sow in a well-drained, mildly acidic to mildly alkaline soil, situated somewhere in full sun to partial shade. Space young plants at least eighty centimetres apart to allow them ample room to reach maturity, watering only as the top few centimetres of soil become completely dry to the touch. Temperatures below -5°C aren’t good!

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