Trichocereus ‘Super Pedro’ x Trichocereus peruvianus ‘Icaros DNA’ | Seeds

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Trichocereus ‘Super Pedro’ x Trichocereus peruvianus ‘Icaros DNA’ combines two heavyweight clones! 25 seeds.

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Trichocereus ‘Super Pedro’ x Trichocereus peruvianus ‘Icaros DNA’ | 25 seeds

Another great crossbreed from Australia, Trichocereus ‘Super Pedro’ x Trichocereus peruvianus ‘Icaros DNA’ is another of our UK exclusives! Seriously quality genetics for your garden.

‘Super Pedro’ is a coveted ‘named clone’ from Australia, variously suggested to be a hybrid of species including (controversially) Trichocereus cordobensisTrichocereus pachanoi (syn. Echinopsis pachanoi, ‘San Pedro’) and Trichocereus scopulicola. Whatever its parentage, ‘Super Pedro’ is much-coveted for its fast and thick growth, as well as for its distinctive, sometimes glaucous, appearance. Also known as ‘Lance’, ‘Shaman Bob’ and ‘Spiny Scopulicola’, the earliest source of this clone we can find seems to be the famous Cactus Country farm in Victoria, Australia.

The mother plant is the well-known Trichocereus peruvianus ‘Icaros DNA’, well-loved by the international community for over a decade! ‘Icaros DNA’ is an extremely reputable seed source based in Peru, who are especially respected for their high-quality and ethically-harvested Trichocereus peruvianus (syn. Echinopsis peruviana, ‘Peruvian Torch’). Icaros collect their seed ethically and renewably from Matacuna in Peru – a region long-considered to possess the “truest” (non-cuzcoensis!) genetics of this species.

A very impressive, fast-growing columnar cactus related to Trichocereus bridgesii and Trichocereus pachanoi, peruvianus is considered by many to exist on a continuum or complex with both Trichocereus cuzcoensis and Trichocereus macrogonus. Covered with fierce, reddish-brown-white spines (between approximately two and eight centimetres long), it forms frosted blue-green columns up to approximately eighteen centimetres in diameter and six metres tall. Gorgeous, white to whitish blooms appear between late spring and summer. Native to the Peruvian Andes (growing at a height of around two thousand to three thousand metres), peruvianus is often used as a hedge plant and also as an important adjunct to certain indigenous medicine practices. Peruvianus has been used by humans for literally thousands of years, for example, as an ornamental, for religious practice and in traditional medicine (human and veterinary). Like many other columnar Trichocereus species, it can handle far lower temperatures than many other cacti and is consequently easy to grow indoors and outdoors in several climate zones.

As with most Trichocereus species, these seeds are very easy to germinate and grow in USDA Hardiness Zones 8-11. Sow in mildly acidic to mildly alkaline soil, progressing from light shade to full to partial sun as the young plants mature. When transplanting into larger, separate containers (after the first year or so), space between fifty centimetres and a metre apart, so they have ample room to grow. Allow the soil to completely dry out before watering, reducing over the winter months to suit your local climate.

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