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Aloe graminicola ‘JL293’ | Seeds

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An excellent variety of Aloe graminicola (syn. Aloe lateritia var. graminicola) from Kenya. 25 seeds.

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Aloe graminicola (syn. Aloe lateritia var. graminicola) ‘JL293’ | 25 seeds

A common East African species, this Aloe graminicola (more properly known by its synonym, Aloe lateritia var. graminicola) seed was collected in Nakuru, Kenya (as ‘JL293’).

A member of the family Asphodelaceae (as are all Aloe species), graminicola grows as a slow-growing, stemless to short-stemmed rosette of leaves up to fifty or sixty centimetres tall. It’s green-maroon-burgundy in colour and its leaves are wonderfully dappled with different shades, giving it a highly distinct appearance. Bizarrely tubular, variable blooms appear in late winter to early spring, coloured apricot-orange-mauve-rose.

The species as a whole prefers rocky bushland and open grassland habitats in USDA Hardiness Zones 9-11. However, graminicola is much more localised than the type species of Aloe lateritia (var. lateritia), mainly occurring to the north, in western Kenya, while lateritia proper’s range extends from Kenya to Malawi to Tanzania.

All Aloes that we’ve grown out are pretty easy to get going from seed. Space young plants roughly fifty or so centimetres apart when planting in the ground, making sure they receive full sun and the occasional watering. Why not have a go at sowing some Aloe graminicola today?!

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