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Grow a variety of excellent Aloe species hybrids for a handy low price! 25 seeds.

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Aloe Lucky Dip (Mixed Hybrids) | 25 seeds

This ‘Lucky Dip’ gives you the chance to grow a selection of hybrid Aloe species without spending all your money growing excess plants which you don’t really need! We also carry another Aloe ‘Lucky Dip’, featuring a nice mix of “pure” species, instead of crossbred types.

Assigned to the family Asphodelaceae, the Aloe (sometimes written as Aloë) genus currently contains more than five hundred species of flowering succulents, along with many subspecies, varieties and hybrids. The type species is Aloe perfoliata, but the species that’s most often found in cultivation is Aloe vera, the ‘True Aloe’.

Native to tropical and southern Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Jordan, Madagascar, Mauritius and Réunion, most types of Aloe grow as a rosette of large, thick, grey to green and fleshy leaves – either at ground level, or from a branched or unbranched stem. As is common to all succulent plants, Aloe survive in their arid natural habitats by means of the water which they store in their leaves, stems and/or roots, making them drought-tolerant. Densely-clustered, tubular flowers bloom from the stem’s apex and are commonly coloured orange, pink, red or yellow. Several species, such as the gorgeous Aloe ferox, feature mottled or striped leaf patterns, making them a distinctive sight wherever they occur.

Besides their massive popularity as ornamental plants (the cultivar Aloe ‘Lizard Lips’ was awarded the (UK) Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit), various Aloe species (notably Aloe ferox, Aloe perryi and Aloe vera) can or have been used in herbal medicine and to make medicinal soaps, as well to flavour food.

If you’re new the genus (or succulents in general), why wait to get your Aloe collection started? Try growing some cool mystery species by buying an Aloe hybrids Lucky Dip today!

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  1. Anonymous

    Fresh seeds,fast shipping,we will see the germination rate and the species of hybrids

    • Arkham’s

      😉 Good luck, hopefully you’ll like the resulting plants!

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