Anethum graveolens | ‘Dill’ | Seeds


Dill is a large annual herb of the celery family, widely grown as a culinary herb for its tasty leaves and seeds. 100 seeds.

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Anethum graveolens | ‘Dill’ | 100 seeds

Anethum graveolens (aka ‘Dill’) is a large annual herb in the celery family, widely grown across Eurasia as its leaves and seeds are commonly used as a culinary herb or spice.

Dill’s strongly flavoured leaves (often in combination with parsley) can be used to improve curries, dressings, fish, pickles, rice, salads, soups and more and are a great source of vitamins and other nutrients, while dill oil – extracted from the leaves, seed and stems of the plant – is used in soap-making.

Graveolens does not transplant well, so is best sown in-situ into pots or the ground, between mid-spring and mid-summer. Use fertile soil in full sun and sow the seeds thinly and around 1cm deep, in rows, before covering lightly with soil. Water the plants regularly and do not let them dry out – especially during dry hot summers. Cut the leaves as required, to be used dried, fresh or frozen. Seeds can be gathered when they start to turn brown and ripen in late summer/early Autumn.

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