Argyreia nervosa ‘Hawaiian’ | ‘Hawaiian Baby Woodrose’ | Seeds

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By popular demand, the Hawaiian strain of Argyreia nervosa. 25 seeds.

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Argyreia nervosa ‘Hawaiian Strain’ | ‘Elephant Creeper’, ‘Hawaiian Baby Woodrose’ | 25 seeds

By popular demand, here’s some great Argyreia nervosa ‘Hawaiian Strain’ seed – another UK exclusive for this website! Since many of our customers asked us to make special orders for this rarer ‘Woodrose’ strain, we’ve decided to offer it in our shop…

An essential member of any serious ethnobotanical collection, Argyreia nervosa (syn. Argyreia speciosa, Convolvulus nervosus, Convolvulus speciosus, Ipomoea speciosa, Ipomoea valerii, Lettsomia nervosa, Santaloides minus) is a perennial climbing vine of the Convolvulaceae, native to the Indian subcontinent but now common to many countries of the world. The species is known by several informal names, including ‘Adhoguda’, ‘‘Elephant Creeper’, ‘‘Hawaiian Baby Woodrose’, ‘HBWR’, ‘Vidhara’ and ‘Woolly Morning Glory’.

Nervosa reaches a mature height of approximately twelve metres, sprouting forth many veiny, green-silver-white leaves and a multitude of beautiful, blue-coloured flowers. Growing easily in USDA Hardiness Zones 9-11, it is prized for its ornamental and medicinal qualities, although is considered to be invasive in some areas. The two currently described varieties of this species, Argyreia nervosa var. nervosa and Argyreia nervosa var. speciosa, are used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine and may also have been used by shamans of the Huna.

For best results, start this species from seed or cutting using fertile and loamy, strongly acidic to acidic potting soil, somewhere in full sun to partial shade. Space young plants at least a metre apart to allow them enough room to properly establish themselves. Keep the soil moist  (the top few centimetres of soil should completely dry out before more water is applied), tailing off the watering a little over the winter months. A balanced fertiliser can be applied on a monthly basis over the spring and summer for improved growth.

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