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Arkham’s Choice – Mystery Seed Selection | Surprise yourself!

Fancy trying your luck with this fun ‘Arkham’s Choice – Mystery Seed’ selection offer? Simply select one of the available options to receive a great deal on our choice of mystery seed… This could be literally any species or variety from the genera we have in stock, but will be sent to you clearly-labelled. In return for your trust, we promise to send you some cool seeds for your garden – plus you’ll get more than you actually paid for!

Your mystery seed will likely include species and varieties from those listed below, as well as any newer lines that have come in since we wrote this. Fancy having a crack at growing something new which you may never have considered before? Here’s the perfect opportunity!

Currently in stock genera: AcaciaAchillea, AlliumAlthaeaAnethum, Argyreia, Atropa, Banisteriopsis, Brassica, Brugmansia, Calea, Capsicum, Cereus, Coriandrum, Datura, Daucus, Delosperma, Desmanthus, Desmodium, Digitalis, Ephedra, Heimia, Hyoscyamus, Hypericum, Ipomoea, Lactuca, Leonotis, Lespedeza, Lophophora, Mandragora, Mimosa, Nicotiana, Nymphaea, Ocimum, Papaver, Passiflora, Petroselinum, Phalaris, Phragmites, Rivea, Silene, Trichocereus, Valeriana, Verbascum and Voacanga!

All the seed sold by Arkham’s Botanical was freshly and ethically sourced


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