Brassica juncea ‘Mustard Red Lace’ | ‘Brown Mustard’ | Seeds


An attractive, prolific and flavourful mustard with shimmering, serrated foliage. ~50 seeds

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Brassica juncea ‘Mustard Red Lace’ | ‘Brown Mustard’ | ~50 seeds

Brassica juncea is a popular annual mustard plant species with several cultivars and tasty varieties. The type listed here is ‘Mustard Red Lace’ (aka ‘Red Lace Mustard’), a prolific, flavoursome and spicy mustard with iridescent, dark red to green, serrated foliage and bright yellow, summer-blooming flowers. These tasty plants will grow up to about 45 centimetres tall, should you allow them enough space to do so!

Known by many names (including ‘Brown Mustard’, ‘Chinese Mustard’, ‘Indian Mustard’, ‘Leaf Mustard’, ‘Oriental Mustard’ and ‘Vegetable Mustard’), juncea‘s four major cultivar subgroups are Brassica juncea subsp. integrifolia, Brassica juncea subsp. juncea, Brassica juncea subsp. napiformis and Brassica juncea subsp. tsatsai.

A highly versatile, nutritious and antioxidant-containing leaf vegetable, ‘Red Lace Mustard’ is particularly well-suited to brightening up salads, sautés and stir-fries. Besides being a popular edible species around the globe, juncea is also useful for the production of mustard oil and oilseed, as a “green manure” and to help break down and remove heavy metals from contaminated soils (“phytoremediation”).

Quite an easy salad species to grow from seed (which germinate above ~12°C / ~54°F), which should be sown in neutral to alkaline earth between April and October in most climates. The species prefers USDA Hardiness Zones 6-9. Cover the seed lightly with soil and wait roughly a week or so for germination to occur. Space the plants approximately thirty centimetres apart to allow full-grown lettuce heads to develop, situating somewhere in full sun to partial shade.

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